Setting SMART Goals For Your Article Marketing Campaigns

This article is about Setting SMART Goals For Your Article Marketing Campaigns. Most people who start online just jump in with two feet and do not really take the time to set their goals for their business. I have been there, too. We live in a culture of instant results and we want instant gratification for our efforts. But we often fail to plan.

Article Marketing Campaigns

When you are starting an internet business, whether on your own or as an affiliate, it is essential to know where you are going and to set goals. This is actually true for any business. And when you do article marketing, it just works the same way. You will want to set goals for your article marketing campaigns and take action to reach these goals.

Here is the method that is used by many people in the corporate world, and that can also be applied to article marketing as well: setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.


S. = Specific

When you want to promote a website or an affiliate offer, and you decide to use article marketing, you need to set some specific goals in terms of article writing and article submission. “Writing articles” can definitely not be a goal, because it is not specific. If you set this goal, you will start to write a couple of articles, then stop, then write again, then stop again.

Specific goals would be for example:
– do keyword research and find 5 keywords to promote your product.
– write 10 articles around each keyword
– submit each article to 20 websites
– write 10 articles per week
– submit to 10 article directories and 10 web 2.0 properties

M. = Measurable

You should set your goals in a way that allows you to measure the goal, which means it should always be quantifiable. “Writing articles around my main keyword” is not a measurable goal. But “Writing 10 articles around my main keyword” is.

You might want to:
– publish 15 articles per week
– attract 100 visitors to your site with one article within 1 week
– move from page 2 to page 1 for your main keyword within 1 month by submitting 50 articles to blog networks.
These are all specific and measurable goals.

A. = Attainable

This means that your goals need to be realistic. If they are not, you will not achieve them and you will start thinking that article marketing doesn’t work (sounds familiar?). There is always a big gap between our desire and reality, and this is why it is important to set goals that we can achieve.

If you are setting a goal to get 100 visitors per day from a couple of article submissions for a mid-competitive term, chances are you might be disappointed.

If you are doing article marketing for traffic and you expect to make $100 in sales from one single article within a week, and you are new to all this, chances are you might be disappointed, too.

If you set the goal of writing and submitting 50 articles per week, and you only have 10 hours to work on this, you will probably not attain your goal and end up frustrated.

Setting the goal to write one quality article per day can be an attainable goal. This will depend on the time, the effort and the money you are able to invest in your article marketing campaigns.

R. = Relevant

A relevant goal when you are doing article marketing is a goal that is directly related to it. If we take the example of article marketing, making $1,000 per month is not a relevant goal because it is related to your business and not your marketing.

Getting 1000 visitors per month from your published articles is a relevant goal because it is closely related to your article marketing campaigns.

T. = Time-bound

You will always achieve a goal within a definite time frame, and this is a crucial part of goal setting. If your goal is to write and publish 10 articles, it is specific, attainable, measurable and relevant but it is not time-bound, and hence it is not a good goal.

Writing and publishing 10 articles per week, generating 10 views per day per article, submitting 2 articles on directories per week and 50 articles on blog networks per month are all time-bound goals.

And now, think about how you are marketing your website with articles and make sure you take the time to set your article marketing goals properly, to write down each of them and to “S.M.A.R.T. proof” them!

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