SEO Using YouTube Channel: The Top 5 Must Dos

In the article it is spoken about SEO Using YouTube Channel: The Top 5 Must Dos. As SEO becomes increasingly all-encompassing each day, elements like Facebook posts, tweets, maps, business listings and rich media are growing in significance. While companies are going full steam on social media, an extremely powerful and rich form like videos is still being overlooked by many. In fact an organized and well-optimized YouTube channel can contribute a great deal in enhancing your overall SEO rankings.

SEO Using YouTube Channel: The Top 5 Must Dos

Refer below to some extremely simple tips for optimizing videos and the overall YouTube channel:

Provide Information

While watching videos about different products and services, people prefer those that are informative rather than watching blatant advertising/promotional videos. Sharing knowledge, facts, trivia, tips etc through the videos will make your videos extremely popular among your target audience. For e.g. If you are a digital agency, you can think of making a video that talks about the digital trends and best practices.

Be Creative & Entertaining

People love to watch videos that are informative but are interesting and made with a bit of creativity. Think of various ways that can make your videos fun and entertaining.

Maintain a Proper Format

While promoting your website through videos, include your website/business/company name at the beginning or end of every video. Also, do not forget to include your website/business URL that will divert traffic from the video to your website.

Also, preferably do not use extremely sophisticated tools for recording. Viewers prefer clips that look simple and have a “home made” feel to it as it makes them look more genuine and made purely for information purpose. You can use any standard HD video camera and decent editing software (there are many free ones available) for recording purposes.

Video Optimization

Now we come to the most important element i.e. SEO for videos. While uploading videos on YouTube, enter the correct title, description and tags.

Title: If you have an optical business and you have a video about “full rimmed glasses”, make sure you use the keyword atleast twice in the title. For e.g. you can frame the title as “Full rimmed glasses – What are full rimmed glasses”?

Description: You need to carefully draft your description and include your website URL that will link the video to the website. For e.g. the description can follow the format as – Our optical expert Nina explains all features about full rimmed glasses and how to choose the perfect pair that will suit your eyes. Full rimmed glasses are ideal for all purposes like formal wear, casual wear and sports wear and can be suit people of all ages.

Along with the main keyword, it is important to use related keywords like “casual wear”, “formal wear” etc. that give a proper context to the video.

Keywords: Like SEO for websites, use the core keywords and key phrases. While including key phrases, put them in double quotes.

Post Video Replies

To start generating steady traffic to your video and there on to your website, post video replies to other people’s videos is a great idea. For this, search for the exact keyword that you are targeting and post your video replies for all the videos that rank for that keyword.

With all these things in place, you can be rest assured that you can boost your SEO ranking using your YouTube channel.

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