Responsive Website Design Strategy

The article gives guidelines on Responsive Website Design Strategy. With more and more people using smartphones, tabs and netbooks to browse the Internet, responsive website design is getting great attention and importance. Responsive website design literally means responding to the user’s behavior and requirements with respect to screen size and orientation. While many mobile browsers, automatically customize the website to suit the mobile screen size, they strip away all the design elements and aesthetics of the website. Thus, the website provides content but visually unappealing.

Responsive Website Design Strategy


Responsive Website Design to the Rescue

Responsive website design is a great way to ensure that your website looks the same irrespective of the screen size and browser. Some strategic points to follow while incorporating responsive website design is as follows:

Keeping the Layouts Flexible

Responsive website design depends on making flexible layouts. Flexible or percentage-based layouts are developed so as to fit any screen resolution. Flexible layouts depend upon the browser viewport and can automatically adjust to any screen size without any manual tweaking to customization by the user.

Use Media Queries

The use of media queries is integral to responsive website design. With CSS media queries you can easily customize the look and styling of the page according to changing parameters like width and orientation. Developers can create one stylesheet for the standard screen size while creating different stylesheets for various other devices like mobile phones, tabs and netbooks that have varying screen sizes.

Using Flexible Images

While you are making all the efforts to make flexible layouts, it is obvious that you also need to make flexible images. This is mainly because with flexible layouts the display area of the image too changes. To make the images flexible you can either crop them dynamically or resize the image in real time. This will ensure that the images resize automatically and fit any layout or screen size.

Responsive website design is definitely an answer to making websites that complement all types of browsers and screen sizes without killing the design, look and feel of the website. With responsive website design, your users can enjoy the same web experience, irrespective of the device that they are using.

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