Putting a Social Media Strategy Together for Your Business

The following article is about Putting a Social Media Strategy Together for Your Business. To many small business owners who barely have time to give to the essential parts of running their business, the idea that they now have to deal with a social media strategy, may seem unacceptable. A good part of the reason why they feel this way comes down to their unfamiliarity with it. It takes a great deal of time to figure out how to be engaging on the social media.

 Putting a Social Media Strategy Together for Your Business
Nevertheless, as in many other things, a social media strategy becomes more manageable when you try to break it down into its components and then deal with them one at a time.
For instance, at least at first, you just need to stop worrying about being interesting on a regular basis. You just need to commit to going on Facebook and Twitter once a day and putting out something reasonably sensible. Once you get used to that, you can up it to maybe twice a day and so on.
You just can’t afford to not have a good social media strategy. It’s a great way to get new customers. Your customers probably have friends and family who have similar tastes. Keep those customers engaged with your company, and they’ll probably bring in those other people that they know too. It is such a great sales strategy to keep your customers constantly engaged.
If you can’t quite think of what to say at first, you have to remember that people love pictures and videos a lot more than they love words. You don’t even have to get great pictures or videos. Just look for interesting stuff to do with your trade. Photographs of the packaging and shipping area of your business for instance, is bound to get a little interest. Take a video of how things happen at your business – introduce your employees, encourage them to say something funny, and so on. You’ll probably go viral.
Starting a forum can be an excellent social media strategy. The first thing the forum does is that it helps you get actual points with Google and the other search engines. When you have user-generated content on a website, the search engines love you. The other part is that you get free user generated content. It’s a lot of content on your website that you don’t even have to do anything for.
The third part of how forums help comes from how when you get all thatuser generated content, you can probably find ideas of value there to talk about on Facebook or Twitter. You could use that in your social media.
Finally, everybody loves a good discount. It could be worthwhile to introduce a discount just so that you have something interesting to say on Twitter. It’s a great message that everyone likes to hear about. When people receive a discount offer, if they can’t use it, they’ll right away think of someone else who can. It’s a great way to earn points with a friend. You can be sure that they will retweet.

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