Pro Blogging Tips for Bloggers Who Do NOT Like to Write

The following article is about Pro Blogging Tips for Bloggers Who Do NOT Like to Write. I WAS NOT A WRITER 9 months ago. I only wrote occasionally for product reviews for Kidzpuzzle blog if there were new products. I did have a personal blog in blogspot because I followed the herd of bloggers who blog about their personal life. I let my good friends know about my blog and only one or two left comments. How devastated I was. I made conclusion that:

Pro Blogging Tips for Bloggers Who Do NOT Like to Write

My life was boring; there was nothing to tell to the World
I didn’t know what to write
I have no talent in writing
The turning point happened when I decided to learn professional blogging and Internet Marketing by making investment in e-learning. I know that blogging is one of powerful marketing tool if we learn professional blogging techniques. I was forced to write under the watch of my mentor. I was in doubt whether my grammar was correct and whether the readers would understand my messages.

I improved my writing skill through practice and having a mentor really motivated me. My writing reveals my personality and I become more articulate in my writing. I realize when I have knowledge; I have lots of topics to discuss about. My blog topic doesn’t have to be about my family and personal life again.

My advice to bloggers who want to blog but they do not like to write and they judge themselves of having I WAS NOT A WRITER syndrome like myself 9 months ago, I have pro blogging tips solution:

Look for a role model. The role model can be your mentor. Learn his writing style.
Invest in learning so you have a broad knowledge.
Decide the topic. Do the research in yahoo search, google search and Ezine Articles to get ideas what to write about.
Write your title first.
Make bullet points. This will be the list of your ideas.

Write short blog post in 250 words.
Write in simple language as long as readers get your messages. Don’t worry about grammar mistakes.
Write from your heart. Don’t just write about the facts. Give your blog content a personal touch from your experience and voice your opinion.
Include photos or videos to make your blog interesting.
Write everyday until you get used to it. If you skip a week then a month. Finally, you will get demotivated and abandon your blog.

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