Powerful List Building Tactics

That article is about Powerful List Building Tactics. You know by now that list building is an essential strategy in your marketing plan.  In order to earn a six-figure income, you need a list of thousands or even tens of thousands of targeted subscribers.  List building can be a slow process, or it can go quickly if done correctly.  How can you build a list of targeted subscribers quickly?

Powerful List Building Tactics


Offer Something Incredible

First of all, give away something incredible in exchange for your visitor’s name and e-mail address.  If you give away a guide or e-book that contains valuable information that most marketers charge for, all the better.  You want a giveaway product that is really valuable and will create a stir among those in your niche.

When creating your giveaway product, write it as if you were going to sell it; make it THAT good!  It should be good enough that people would willingly pay for it if you were to sell it.

Set up an Autoresponder Series

In list building, it is important that you send valuable messages to your list.  Sign up with an autoresponder service that offers exceptional deliverability; then start informing and educating your list.  Create at least seven autoresponder messages, as this is how many times a person usually has to be exposed to a product/service before they will buy.

Create a “Squeeze” Page

The next step is to create your opt-in, landing, or “squeeze” page (all are the same).  If you have no idea how to do this, sign up on someone’s list that you trust and feel to be a successful marketer.  Or, sign up to a few lists and pay close attention to the landing page; study it in detail.

Look at the copy and design of the opt-in page, and pay special attention to the call to action.

Use Affiliates in List Building

Once you have an incredible product to give away, allow affiliates to promote it.  If your giveaway contains light promotion of your money product inside, give credit to the affiliate who gave away the report.

When you have an army of affiliates talking about your free giveaway, reviewing it on their website or blog, and promoting it actively on forums or social sites, you can build a list quickly.

Launch your giveaway product as if it were a paid product.  Promote it from every angle possible so that across the market, people hear about it.  The fact that you are giving away a product that could actually be sold for $47 or more will create a buzz that will spread like wildfire!

Implement these tactics in your list building efforts, and you will see that your list grows extremely fast; in fact, you could have hundreds or even thousands of targeted subscribers on your list in a matter of weeks.

In list building, be aggressive and study what some of the well-known marketers do; this will help you understand how they are so successful in building huge lists of subscribers to market to over and over again.

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