Pinterest Marketing

In this article we will be discussing Pinterest Marketing. Pinterest is a unique photo networking site that allows it’s user to share images in addition to videos that are found on the internet. You can also browse site member’s pages where they have pinned photos of their own and repin those images for your page.

Pinterest Marketing

Images and videos are selected depending on your interest and hobbies and are organized on a page that you create. In addition to using this site for personal interests, it’s also great for promoting your business. More on that topic later; for now let’s look at how this sharing network works.

How Pinterest Works?

The way Pinterest works is that you sign up for an account. You customize your profile and begin pinning images from websites or uploading images of your own. You can even pin videos from other sites or upload your own videos as well. It’s that simple and it’s free to use. You can also follow other users. Similar to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, except that photos are used. Let’s look at some basic features that are used on Pinterest.

Getting Started with The Basics

What Is a Pin?

A pin is a photo added to your board. You pin a photo or image from websites that you find on the net or you upload photos from your own computer. Pins are added using a “Pin It” button that is linked back to the website where the images came from.

What Is A Board?

Boards are filled with pins of photos you have selected from other websites. You can create boards on any subject. For example: fitness, weddings, foods, recipes, crafts, outdoors, celebrities and the list goes on. Also, you can add as many pins to your board as you like. The possibilities are endless.

Examples of Created Boards by Pinterest Members

  • Animals
  • Health & Fitness
  • Gardening
  • Weddings

Following Other Pins

If you are following someone on Pinterest you are able to see that person’s pins. You will also be able to see any new boards that that member has as well. If you click Follow All you will be able to follow that member; if you click Follow you can follow that board. And if you wish, you can un-follow boards any time you like. The follow feature is a great way to stay in contact with other users that have the same interest as you do.


Pinterest is a great photo networking website that can serve to be very valuable both personally and professionally. It’s fairly easy to use. It makes social networking fun to do and best of all it’s free to members. Find out more about how to setup your Pinterest account and start sharing.

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