Online Organic Chemistry Courses

In the article I’m going to tell you about Online Organic Chemistry Courses. The undergraduate students can now continue their degree requirements in organic chemistry, online! The Oregon State University (OSU), United States, offers the benefit and ease of finishing an upper-division requirement in Organic Chemistry online which is a prerequisite for the undergraduate degree program. With the assistance of this extended campus program offered by OSU, the far-away students have a prospect to utilize the Oregon State’s illustrious chemistry and science resources.

Online Organic Chemistry Courses

Same learning procedures are provided by the online chemistry program as the on-campus programs. The delivery model for online course includes group discussions, online exams and evaluations, online puzzles and help services such as instructor help.

CH 331, CH 332 and CH 337 form the essential organic chemistry sequence for undergraduate students (in the fields of medicine and other health line of works), chemical engineering and other students who need a 1-year lessons in organic chemistry. The courses must be cleared in the given order.

CH 331 includes an overview of universal chemistry; acids, bases; alkanes, alkenes and alkynes, cycloalkanes; stereochemistry and alkyl halides. CH 332 contains the topics on alcohols, aldehydes and ketones and ethers; carbohydrates; esters and carboxylic acids; electrophilic aromatic substitution and spectroscopy (IR and NMR). Students have the choice of finishing CH 331 and CH 332 from their home itself.

CH 337 is the Organic Chemistry lab acquaintance segment of the sequence. It is offered as a hybrid online / on-campus format in 11 weeks sessions. It can also be accomplished in a small three-week session which is held on campus at some stage in the summer term. The lecture topics include concepts of enols, enolate chemistry and radical chemistry; study of amine, amides and amino acids. It also includes peptides and proteins.

The laboratory topics include isolation of trimyristin from nutmeg; synthesis of salicylic acid; distillation of a methanol/water mixture; isolation of cuminaldehyde from cumin seeds; synthesis of E,E-dibenzalacetone; synthesis of benzoic acid; isolation of lactose from non-fat milk; isolation of green-leaf pigments from spinach; dehydration of 2-butanol; dehydrohalogenation of 2-bromobutane; associated laboratory techniques.

The additional online chemistry courses offered by the program include CH 130, CH 374, CH 390 and CH 490/590. CH 130 is a one-quarter review course which is a preamble to organic chemistry and the study of biological structures. The components of the course are required to be completed in a 10 week quarter term.

The course includes: chemical bonding(covalent and ionic); the study of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes; aromatic compounds; oxygen containing compounds, sulfur, or halogens; amines, amino acids, aldehydes and ketones; carboxylic acids and their derivatives; peptides and proteins; vitamins; biochemical energy; nucleic acids and the synthesis of proteins.

CH 374 and CH 390 are concerned with the ecological issues and energy resources.

CH 490/590 is computer programming for the scientists. It involves programming, mathematical and graphical investigation, simulations and use of databases for data handling and retrieval.

Numerous students belonging to other colleges and universities are known to take OSU’s online chemistry courses for the transfer of the credits to their original institutions. The calendar followed by the OSU is quarter-based. So, the students belonging to semester based institutions are advised to get in touch with their advisor or registrar to authenticate the credit transferring to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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