Online Education – Paving The Way For A Brighter Future

That article is about Online Education – Paving The Way For A Brighter Future. Online education refers to electronically supported teaching and learning. It is the process of learning and education through computer programs and applications which can be done through educational institutes, offices or even from home. Also known as E- Learning, Internet Based Training, Computer Based Training or Web Based Learning, online education is fast becoming the favorite mode of learning for a vast array of audience across the world.

Online Education - Paving The Way For A Brighter Future

Whether we talk about continued professional training or basic language training, e-learning provides the perfect solution through customized learning programs for different needs. Read on to know more about the online education, types of learning programs available and how it can benefit you.

The telecommunications revolution has connected a large number of people from across the world through personal computer and the internet. Among other fields like commerce or marketing, education also takes advantage of this grass root access. When the online education revolution started in early 1990s, it was mainly restricted to computer education only.

However, over the last 2 decades, this practice has been whole heartedly embraced by the corporate world, higher educational institutes, distance learning institutes and schools. In fact, today e- learning is also being looked upon as the perfect solution for imparting world class level of basic education and exposure to those children who live in remotely located areas and might not have easy access to quality education available in urban areas.

Online education has become one of the most preferred modes of learning in higher education, and has surpassed traditional learning in some fiels (for example, there are now more online MBA students than there are conventional MBA students in the USA).

It is extremely beneficial for those working professionals who want to enhance their professional or academic qualifications while continuing their daily jobs. Many research universities are now offering online higher education and doctoral courses which can be taken remotely and at convenience of the student’s timings. Other institutes offer professional training and certification courses in the highly specialized fields of work which can be taken by working professional in those fields.

These cost effective learning solutions has enabled millions of students to attend training programs across political economic and physical boundaries. For example, now sitting in the remote villages of India and China, students can attain learning and certification from top educational institutes in America like the MIT or UC Berkeley.

E- Learning solutions is being looked upon as the most common modes of education for the future. In less than 2 decades, this industry has grown exponentially and is being conservatively estimated worth more than 38 billion euros. The new concept of E- Learning 2.0 is intended to change the current dynamics of online education.

The focus is shifting from instructional packets delivered through internet to increased emphasis of learning through social software like blogs, pod casts, virtual worlds and wikis. This new method encourages learning though online conversations and virtual instructor led class room training. This will also enable the students to have discussions and use age old modes of learning like mentoring, only this will be done virtually without the restrictions of physical boundaries. Due to these many advantages, online education is being considered as the future of knowledge and skill building.

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