Online Education – Challenges

In the following article we will be discussing Online Education – Challenges. Online education offers multiple advantages to students who want to broaden their horizon at work without having to go a traditional school or university that requires them to take a break from their job. However, it also poses a few challenges that a person needs to overcome to make the most of his or her distance learning program.

Online Education - Challenges

For instance, self-discipline and organization are imperative for pursuing an online degree course. While convenience and flexibility are two main advantages of Internet or online education, these can easily turn into impeding factors if a student does not follow the study schedule and keeps missing online classes, thinking that he can always attend the next one.

With such an attitude, a student cannot be expected to go far when it comes to distance learning programs. It is nearly impossible for a student to complete his online degree program on time if he lacks self-discipline. In the absence of this quality, the freedom of logging on to the online class room at a suitable time and submitting assignments when convenient will more often than not be misused.

In today’s times, almost every other person is enrolling in a correspondence course in the hope of securing a degree that would provide a boost to their career. However, in their rush to apply for a popular E-learning program they often forget to take an account of the potential challenges that this form of education presents. A few of them are listed below:

– Any online education program is totally dependent on the Internet and computer hardware used by the student. You can easily lose out on an important lecture due to server downtime or crash of your computer. These technical glitches not only slow down the learning process but can also cause a lot of frustration to the student, especially if he or she needs to submit an assignment. Many a times, students need to install particular software in their computer so that they are able to download course material from the net.

– Self motivation is the key to performing well in an online class room. Traditional class rooms make up for the lack of self motivation to some extent by holding face to face interaction between the student and the lecturer as well as between other students. This helps in developing interpersonal relations that boost a student’s enthusiasm for learning and completing various assignments on time.

However, this element is sorely missing in online education as there is little scope for live interactions and even video conferencing and other similar facilities can never make up for the lack of live interactions. Sometimes this can lead to a feeling of isolation among students, which in turn may further hamper his or her zeal to remain motivated throughout the duration of the course.

– Another major challenge of online education is its restricted ability to help students improve their oral communication skills. In addition to this, Internet education is not ideally suited for courses that require hands-on or laboratory experience.

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