Online Courses On Portraiture

This article is about Online Courses On Portraiture. Portraiture is painting or artistic representation of an individual in which the main focus is on the face and facial expressions of the subject. Portraiture has been probably the most patronized and encouraged forms of fine arts, supported by kings, noblemen, and elite gentry from time immemorial. Before the invention of photography, portraits were painted to capture the likeness, mood and personality of people.

Online Courses On Portraiture

Even today, portraiture is patronized by many art connoisseurs who want to capture themselves through this timeless form of art. If you too have skills in portrait painting and are interested in studying the art, there are many online courses on Portraiture for you to opt from. The recent years have seen an increase in the number of courses offered online.

The basic aim of an online course on portraiture is to teach the students the technique of representing a character and building up a portrayal of the subject’s life through different background and settings. These courses introduce the students to the various mediums used for portrait painting ranging from pencil art, ink, water colors, gouache (a specific type of water paint) and oil paints and acrylic.

The various modules within the courses cover the techniques of laying down proportions, expressions, poses and color theory. The subject areas that are generally included are anatomy of humans and other common subjects like dogs, horses etc, and drawing of eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, hair and clothes. There are special modules which take the students through the intricacies of painting children, self portraits, group portraits, and background.

In most online courses on portraiture, students need to send their artwork for critiquing and evaluation purposes. These courses have dedicated tutors who appraise the art works sent by students and provide feedback in honing the skills. Most online courses encourage the students to scan and upload their work on the internet so that the critiquing can be done in a timely fashion.

However, if the students do not have scanning facilities, they can also send their artwork through mail. Most schools duly return the art work to the students post evaluation. It is essential that you select a school and art course that provides you enough support as the subject of fine art needs constant guidance from the instructor.

As portraiture is a specialized subject, many schools may require students to take basic courses in arts as a qualification. A certificate course in portraiture is designed for 6 months to 1 year. However most online portraiture courses allow students extra time (mostly 6 to 12 months) to complete the course and apply for certification. Some schools offer courses with bachelors or masters degrees in fine arts with specialization in portrait painting. The fees of these courses vary from school to school depending on the course material and support provided.

Even in the modern age of advanced photography, portrait painters remain to be in great demand. Established artists and portrait painters are often commissioned by wealthy patrons to paint their portraits. A course in portrait painting can be of great benefit to anybody interested in the art.

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