Online Courses In Still Life Painting

In this article I’ll tell you about Online Courses In Still Life Painting. Still life painting is one of the oldest subjects for painting. Still life refers to panting and drawing of inanimate objects like bottles, jars, bricks etc. along with other every day items like food, flowers and fruits. This subject was made popular by the artists of 16th century to represent material decay in life. Over the years, this symbolism of still life painting faded by the subject retained its popularity. Still life painting can be done through any medium ranging from water paints, poster colors, or oil paints. Many premiere educational institutes offer online courses in still life painting.

Online Courses In Still Life Painting

Still life painting involves a lot of techniques. This is because a wide range of subjects with varied surfaces can be used; each of which would require a different technique of painting. For example, while painting a glass surface you need to get the effect of transparency and while painting reflective surfaces you need to incorporate the reflections on the surface of your subject, yet painting dusty or withered off surfaces require techniques which give those effects. A course on still life should ideally cover all these aspects of painting. Most detailed course curriculums of still life painting would mention which all surfaces would be covered in the course.

The subject areas generally covered are in most online courses in still life painting are composition, shapes, tone awareness, use of neutral, the 3- D effect and perspective, realism, media and creativity and cubism. The mediums that should be covered are acrylic, oil paints, soft and hard pastels, gouache, charcoal and graphite pencils.

Many schools might require basic qualifications in painting and drawing before commencing a course in still life painting. This is because still life is a specialized field in painting and requires prior experience. However, there are many schools which start basics of still life with pencil sketching with absolute novices to teach the basics of composition and 3 -D effect and then move on to more advanced mediums like acrylics and oil paints.

An important consideration while selecting an online course in still life painting is the kind of support offered by the school. Unlike other subjects, painting requires a lot of support, evaluation and feedback from the instructors and tutors. Well established schools have critiquing processes in which students are allotted online art submission areas where they can upload scanned copies of their art work for critiquing. An online work submission area allows the students to have ready access to their tutor for regular and timely critiquing.

Still life painting can bring you great joy. You can make brilliant compositions with everyday objects to create your own pieces of work, either to sell your painting or decorate your home with it. An online course on still life painting can be taken by professionals in the field as well as by amateurs as a hobby. An online course gives you the freedom to practice in your convenience of time and place and can be taken by individuals who are working or have a busy life otherwise.

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