Now, SEO even for your Facebook Fan Page

The title of the article is Now, SEO even for your Facebook Fan Page. Yes, you read it right. You can actually implement comprehensive SEO for your very own Facebook fan page. Considering the growing significance of social media, it makes perfect sense that you optimize your FB fan page.

Now, SEO even for your Facebook Fan Page

So let’s dive straight inside.

Keyword Optimizing your FB Fan Page

While considering keyword optimization for your Facebook fan page, the most fundamental features include:

SEO Title

The SEO title comprises your page name along with I Facebook.

Meta Description

The meta description comprises of your FB page name along with a short description/about us content along with I Facebook.


This is the same as SEO title without the I Facebook. It will comprise of only the page name.

While creating these SEO tags, make sure that you do not overdo. Do not stuff your SEO tags with keywords or make them very lengthy. While creating SEO tags do keep in mind the following things:

  • Brand Name: Branding is the most important objective of having a FB fan page. So it is recommended that your page name is the name of your brand or your company instead of any particular keyword.
  • Look: Do not make things too obvious. If your page name comprises of name as well as a long tail of keywords, it will certainly hamper brand recall. Remember, that this name will appear in all your Facebook interactions like comments, tagging etc. A long name will also lead to less tagging.

The standard length of SEO titles is 70 characters. So, though this limit is in no way mandatory, it is always great to restrict your page title to this limit. Also, keeping your page title short is helpful while clubbing it with the meta information.

The rule of keeping things short and crisp is also applicable for the meta description. As far as possible, remember to restrict the information to 140 characters.

While Updating your Fan Page

When you post a status update, the first 18 titles approx of your update become the title. So make sure that your update explains the idea right at the beginning.

Also, while posting a link to the wall, always accompany it with a brief description about the link in the “Say something about this link” section. The first 18 characters of this description will become the SEO title for that post.

If there is no description, the SEO title will just be Facebook. So, if you need your post to get noticed and occupy a greater real estate in the news feeds, then the description is an absolute must.

So, you get it then? These are some of the most fundamental things you can follow while considering doing SEO for your FB fan page. Do pitch in with any other things that you may have implemented for your fan page.

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