Most Popular Business Model

Affiliate Marketing – What Makes it the Most Popular Business Model on the Web? Affiliate marketing is the number one method people use to make money from home today.  If you wonder why this is, there are plenty of reasons!  Every person on earth has likely thought about ditching the 9 to 5 J-O-B at one time or another, but most people don’t know what they could do to become self-sufficient and fire their boss.  This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

Most Popular Business Model


Affiliate marketing requires very little money.

Most people don’t have a bunch of extra money stashed away, and they hesitate to spend money on this program or that program, not knowing if it will earn a substantial income.

Affiliate marketing can be done with little and even no money.  You can build a website and get an autoresponder for next to nothing, or you can start out using free services like Blogger and Weebly.  Writing articles builds your reputation and sends traffic to your website, and it doesn’t cost a dime.  Find a product in a niche that interests you, do a little keyword research, and you’re on your way.

Inventory and shipping is not a concern for affiliate marketers!

Affiliate marketing simply means selling another person’s products or services for a commission or flat fee.  You can literally find hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs online so that you can market anything for outdoor swings and golf clubs to information products such as how-to books, CDs, and videos.

Since you join the merchants affiliate program, all you have to do is send them traffic through your unique link; after that, everything else is up to the merchant!  You never get a phone call from the customer, there is no inventory to stock, and you play no part in the shipping.  What could be easier?

It’s not a complicated process and requires no experience

Affiliate marketing is not all that difficult, and you can find information all over the Internet to help you get started.  There are different methods you can use to sell the products of your choosing, from e-mail messages and classified ads to discussion forums.  You don’t have to have a website, but it’s a good idea if you can afford a few bucks a month.

Think it’s beyond your grasp?  There are lots of teenagers that earn a very lucrative income using affiliate marketing, so it is very much within your reach – as long as you are willing to do the work and stay focused on one area at a time.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it is actually FUN – especially when you decide on a niche that is of particular interest to you.  When you can write articles and blog about topics that are a hobby or passion and that relate to your chosen niche, work actually becomes enjoyable.

Very little money to spend, no shipping, inventory or handling of products, and selling a product/service you’re actually interested in – what could be better than that?  Now it’s easy to see why affiliate marketing is the most popular business model today and how so many people just like you sit in their own homes, quietly making a fortune!

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