Making Money With eBay Partner Network

This article is about Making Money With eBay Partner Network. Many people know about selling on eBay but have never heard of eBay Partner Network. eBay Partner Network is eBays affiliate program in which you can earn revenue from directing website traffic towards eBay. The scheme pays by click and by sale so if you direct 100 clicks towards or you will be paid for each click.

Making Money With eBay Partner Network

If those clicks lead to sales then you will get a percentage of the final value credit fee. This is an ideal way of making money on eBay without selling a thing. In the last few years I have made more money with eBay Partner Network that with Googles AdSense which used to be known for creating nice incomes with a bit of work this can generate an income with very little effort.

When I first starting using eBay Partner Network I included links into my forum to generate clicks and sales from certain items. If I was writing about a specific topic this would be an ideal way of generating targeted traffic. I then found a program called Build a Niche Store which allowed me to create a shop around the selected products I chose from eBay. I created around 10 stores in different niches like mobile phones, home entertainment, cars and PC equipment.

It was then very easy for me to generate content around the items listed on eBay in my own online shop. These shops picked up some revenue and it was not long till my server cost was paid for every month just from running these little sites and my other sites brought me well into profit. These sites were completely self-run. The Product listings update without any work and the shop can look quite professional. Even if you do not get a sale it is very likely you get a few clicks to products on eBay which leads to revenue.

My tips for this program are to use both techniques discussed above. Within content Include hyperlinks to certain product pages or seller pages if you have a particular good seller. Also build some niche stores and generate some content with good SEO and keywords a little bit of traffic can generate some money from doing very little. With hard work this can start to generate a good portion of your monthly revenue and what makes this program even better is that most of it can be automated and you can cash your PayPal payments at the end of every month.

It is very important to stay away from certain products for good reason. From my examples above I mentioned that I created a niche store for cars and I also had a friend create one for Motorbikes. We realised quite quickly that we were not getting any sales from these particular shops and came to the following conclusion.

People do not buy cars, motorbikes, bigger items without inspection. Due to there being a direct relationship between seller and buyer which leads to the sale being completed at a physical location by cash or cheque. This means no PayPal payment, no eBay final value fee and no commission for you. We got rid of those niche shops because we knew they did not work and moved on to items that are normally purchased online.

From a personal point of view people buy items from eBay and have their favourite sellers in which they can personally vouch for. These items could be included in a personal blog and start to generate income just from certain recommendations.

This concept is especially good for well-established blogs or personal websites in which visitors have a person interest in what you are doing and are more likely to take your recommendations on board. The good thing about eBay Partner Network is that you can choose only the sellers you wish and keep their records above 99% positive feedback so your visitors are more likely to be happier about making their purchases.

Overall the eBay Partner Network is a nice affiliate program. It does generate you money from dropping links in forums, personal blogs to setting up a niche stores and it is available in numerous regional platforms so if you have a wider UK audience then you promote items from If you put some work in and create good content with good selected sellers and products you will get your rewards.

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