List Of Online Bachelor’s Degree Colleges And Courses They Offer

In the article it is spoken about List Of Online Bachelor’s Degree Colleges And Courses They Offer. Just completed high school and looking for higher education? By now you must have already decided which career path you wish to take, if you have not then do so because it plays a very instrumental in helping decide which college you should opt for. Today, online colleges offer degrees in all sorts of subjects ranging from business management to computer science etc.

List Of Online Bachelor's Degree Colleges And Courses They Offer

Based on what you choose to be your carrier path, you can opt for the best college. Of course, every college would not offer all the degrees and you would need to do some research before applying. Differentiation between two or more colleges can be done on the basis of the course material, school’s reputation in the job market, fee of course etc.

Of the various online colleges to choose from, some of the popular colleges have been mention below along with the courses they offer to assist you in your decision making process. All you need to do is apply to one or more of these colleges and wait for the results.

1) Kaplan University: This University offers bachelor’s degree in fields including Business Management and Administration, Computer Science (Programming), Communications, Nursing, Law and Education. It is known to be one of the first online schools to have started law courses.

2) Ashford University: Bachelor’s in Art, English, Business Management, Human Services, Computer Sciences, Sociology, History, Mathematics and Psychology are some of the degree courses offered by this college. Ashford is known to be one of the fastest growing online universities in the world.

3) Liberty University: The offerings of this online college includes the likes of Religion, Law, Education, Psychology, General Studies along with specialized business courses including Business Administration, Marketing, Business Information Systems etc.

4) Saint Leo University: It is different from the rest in the way that apart from the degree; it also offers financial aid to those in needs. Courses offered include Human Resources, Law, Accounting, Computer Sciences, Management (Business Administration and Healthcare).

5) University of Phoenix: This University offers online bachelor’s degree in subjects such as Information Systems, Business and Public Administration, Nursing and Arts.

6) South University: Information Technology, Law (Criminal Justice), Nursing, Psychology, Healthcare Management and Business Administration are some of the fields in which this university offers a bachelor’s degree.

7) Rasmussen College: In business for more than 10 years, this college offers online degrees in Arts, Computers, Information Technology, Teaching (Education), Social Science, Law, Religion and Business Management. Being a part of this online college is a pride in itself.

8) Everest University Online: Another one of the prominent online universities available for fresh high school pass outs, Everest offers degree in subjects like Computers, Accounting, Homeland Security, Law and Business Management and Administration.

9) American Intercontinental University: Offers degrees in Human Resource Management, Computer Science, Healthcare Management, Criminal Justice or Law.

Most of the online courses get covered under these names, however, if you are looking for some specialized course which is not available in the list mentioned above, you may always find out about the same by referring to the internet.

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