List Building through Forum Marketing

The following article tells you about List Building through Forum Marketing. List building is perhaps one of the most valuable ways to spend your time online.  By building a large list of targeted subscribers, you increase your potential to earn a substantial income by a huge margin!  You develop a positive relationship with your list, they come to know and trust you, and they’re much more likely to purchase a product you recommend than visitors who simply land on your website or blog.

List Building through Forum Marketing

So many online marketers today build a great website or blog filled with valuable information and fail to build a list!  If you ever plan on quitting your daytime job and earning more money than you ever thought possible, list building is a technique you must include in your marketing strategies.  Here we will talk about building your list through forum marketing.

Choosing Forums for List Building

The first thing you need to do is search for forums that are closely related to your niche.  For example, if you market skin care products or gaming software, do a simple search on Google, including your keywords and the word forum (or forums.)

Skin care+forums or gaming+forums; you get the picture

Once you find several forums related to your niche, look to see how many members they have.  If you can’t find this number, just look through the various sections of the forums to see if it looks like there are a good number of members involved in discussions.

Create a Compelling Signature

In forum list building, it is essential that you create a signature that gets the clicks!  Most forums allow you to include a link to your site or squeeze page in your signature, but you must write it in a way that attracts attention.  You want your signature file to stand out, so that it encourages people to click.  You want to avoid the dull and mundane such as “Click here to learn more.”  Jazz it up, and make it impossible to resist!

Now Start Contributing

In forum marketing for list building purposes, you want to contribute to the conversation.  Before you begin posting, browse around a bit and see what people are talking about.  When you find a topic that you know a great deal about, offer your suggestions or advice.  Never leave comments like “I agree” or “great post.”  This will not only come across as spam, but you will look like an airhead because you don’t contribute anything valuable.

Once you become known as someone who genuinely tries to help and gets involved in the discussions, people will click on your link, and you will start building a huge list of targeted subscribers!

List building can be accomplished in any number of ways, but forum marketing is highly effective if done correctly.  What are you waiting for?  Go out and find a few forums; then start establishing yourself as an expert.  You will find that when you get involved and offer real value to those in the forums, they will want to join your list to learn all of the incredible things you have to offer.

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