List Building Strategies

List Building Strategies – Tips to Help You Grow a Targeted List of Subscribers Fast. Let’s face it:  List building is essential if you want an online business that is highly successful and profitable.  The basics of list building are simple.  If you are one of the many online marketers that have failed to implement this strategy in your marketing efforts, it’s time to start!  Whether you’re intimidated, feel you don’t know how, or are afraid the messages you send will not be effective, it’s time to stop making excuses and get started.

List Building Strategies

There is no mystery; list building is pretty basic and straightforward.  Here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot:

Create a Great Landing Page

A landing or “squeeze” page as some people call it is simply a page where you collect the name and e-mail address of your visitor.  You want to offer something of incredible perceived value in exchange for their e-mail address.  If you are worried about creating something fancy and attention-grabbing, don’t.  A landing page can be simple and basic; it’s the information in them that counts.  Study really successful squeeze pages, and it will help you to see what techniques you may use to make yours effective.

List Building Requires Traffic!

In order for anyone to sign up to your list, you have to get them to your opt-in page first.  There are many ways you can get targeted subscribers to your squeeze page.  Social networking, article marketing, and blogging are just a few.

For those who write many articles, it’s more effective if you link from your resource box to your opt-in page than if you link straight to your website or blog.  When someone lands on your website, there are usually many options they can choose from (besides signing up to your list.)  With a landing page, it’s the only option they have!

Once They’re on Your List, Keep Sending the Goodies

Once your list starts growing, don’t stop there!  In order to stay in the minds of those on your list and not be forgotten, you should send a message often – at least a couple of times a week if not more.

In these messages, offer more valuable information. Take a poll, give away more freebies, and ALWAYS include your incredible offer!  Communicating through e-mail messages is a great way for your list to get to know you on a bit more of a personal level and build their trust in your products and recommendations.

List building isn’t rocket science, but it IS essential to your success as an online marketer.  Have you written many articles?  Send those as messages to your list!  Sign up to a few lists yourself, and see how the pros do it.  By studying what those who are successful do, you can often replicate their efforts with great results.

Start building your list now; as time goes by, you will see just how easy and effective it is.  If you never try, how will you know just how easy it is – or how much profit list building can generate?

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