List Building Not in Your Marketing Arsenal?

List Building Not in Your Marketing Arsenal? Why You May Want to Reconsider. If list building is not a tactic used in your marketing strategies, you’re missing the boat.  List building is essential if you plan on making more just a trickle of money.  How do those well-known marketers online make tens of thousands per month?  They have a list and you should too.

List Building Not in Your Marketing Arsenal?


Don’t let building a list intimidate you

Most marketers, especially those that are new to the game, are a little frightened about building a list.  All sorts of thoughts may enter your mind that prevent you from taking the plunge.  “It seems too complicated” or “What if I don’t know what to send in my e-mail messages”?  These are some of the things you may say to yourself, but put the fear aside and take action.

Why you need to build a list

List building is necessary because you have a chance to build strong, lasting relationships.  It is a proven fact that most people need to be exposed to an offer 7 times before they will make a purchase.  How likely is it that someone will return to your website 7 times?  Not very.

By building a list of targeted subscribers you have the chance to build trust and rapport with your list.  They will come to trust you AND your recommendations, which means a huge increase in sales.

A list of subscribers gives you an opportunity to sell even more products

When you initially build your list, you probably have only one or two products in mind to market to your subscribers.  As time goes by, you will find more products that are suitable for the needs of your list; by asking them questions, you may even be able to develop your own product that solves their problem, which means even more sales.

The potential of a targeted list of subscribers is huge.  You could literally sell to these people for years!  Now you see why marketing without building a list is like a pizza without cheese; it just doesn’t work.

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