List Building – 5 Reasons You Should Build a List

The article is about List Building – 5 Reasons You Should Build a List. List building is an often overlooked tactic in building a successful online business.  Many people are simply intimidated by list building and just don’t know where to start.  No matter why you keep putting it off, there are some compelling reasons why you should start right now.

List Building – 5 Reasons You Should Build a List


Building a list helps you regain lost sales

When someone visits your website and you do not capture their e-mail address, they are typically gone forever.  By placing an opt-in box on your website or blog and offering a great freebie, you can capture many of those visitors’ names and e-mail addresses.

This means that you have endless opportunities to market your product to them through your messages, and the potential for a sale is much greater.

List building enhances future profits

By building a targeted list of subscribers, you are essentially creating a source of income for the future.  You already know what your subscribers’ interests are, and they have come to know you and trust you.  This means that for the long term, you can continue recommending products to your list (whether your own or affiliate) that you feel would benefit them.

You can create better products with a list

As crazy as it may sound, having a list of targeted subscribers helps you become a better product creator and a better marketer.  The feedback from your list is very important; when you survey your list, they can tell you what they do or do not like about your products or services and offer their opinion on other aspects of your business.

These aren’t the only reasons list building is important, but they are a few that should make it clear to you why you need to be implementing this in to your marketing strategies!  Start now. You’re losing valuable prospects at this very moment.

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