Link Building Basics With Twitter

The article gives guidelines on Link Building Basics With Twitter. With the advent of social media marketing, Twitter has emerged to become one of the most popular social networking platforms on the web these days. In this article, I will share with you ways to build back links for your website using Twitter today.

Link Building Basics With Twitter


Find experts on the field via Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find industry experts on any niche market you may possibly think of these days. Here you can find the best discoveries on web marketing. Twitter has evolved to be the melting pot of all the trending information online that you’ve always wanted to know about.

This makes your research a breeze as you can simply search for experts on your market niche and connect with them via Twitter.

The ‘funneling’ effect

The funnel effect is one of the best ways to build a link for your website. You can tweet a message on your Twitter account and if one of the authority or experts on your market found out about it, they can re-tweet it or directly reply to it, which in turn makes your one tweet become a viral traffic source! This is not far-fetched as it is highly possible these days.

Forging relationships that can be profitable

For this to happen, you should initially develop connections with not just industry experts, but your followers as well. You will find that there are several strategies that work, and there are those that don’t work.

You must work hard to set yourself apart from the rest. Tweet engaging updates to your followers and reply to your followers inquiries whenever possible. This is how you grow your relationship with them. Just bear in mind to do everything in moderation, it certainly is painstaking to build good relationships through this platform but the reward is sweet. So keep it up!

Not too long ago, search engines have started to watch over Twitter rankings to efficiently rank websites and pages online. Simply put, raising your rankings on Twitter is needed for you to land in the number one spot on major search engines.

Hence, link building on Twitter is something most SEO experts are keeping close tabs on. It is believed that the more often a link is tweeted, re-tweeted, or becomes trending will definitely have a huge impact on your website’s search engine rankings.

Even though no one truly knows the exact formula for manipulating the algorithm of search engines, social networking remains an undoubtedly good source for effectively building backlinks now. So, begin your Twitter link building strategy and watch your website rank higher today!

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