Lesser Known Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website

The following article is about Lesser Known Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website. Getting traffic to your website has been the biggest problem of many marketers for years.  There are the typical methods for getting traffic to your website such as article marketing and Google Adwords, but there are many other effective things you can do to increase the number of targeted visitors to your site.  Everyone can use more traffic, right?  Here are a few great tips.

Lesser Known Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website


Build links – tons of them – to attract targeted traffic

Other than writing articles and linking to your site with keyword-rich text links, there are other things you can do to not only pick up more visitors but help in ranking your website.  Build a network of smaller sites on free website hosts such as Weebly, Blogger, WordPress, and Hubpages.  Link to your main site through keywords to your main site.  You can also trade links with other webmasters, write a post for someone’s blog, and link to your site in your text, or write a press release for more exposure.

Getting traffic to your website through social networking

Not all traffic is the same, contrary to popular belief.  Search traffic is better than social traffic in most cases, but it doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there on Facebook and Twitter.  Whatever you do on these sites, be sure to write remarkable content.

People on Facebook are usually just killing time, browsing, or visiting with friends.  If you are going to put a link to a blog post or give away a free 10-page report, make it so enticing that it captures and keeps the visitors attention.

Get traffic through word of mouth or “link bait”

If you write killer content, other webmasters are apt to link to a great post or tell their friends about it.  Link bait is a great way to draw targeted traffic to your website.  Write about something a bit controversial, or a post offering “101 ways” to do this or “10 best tips” for that.  People love numbered lists offering vital information.

Always remember that what you are looking for is targeted traffic or those who are in need of what you offer.  Some traffic, unfortunately, is worth very little in the scheme of things.

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