Lacking in List Building Knowledge?

The article concerns the following question – Lacking in List Building Knowledge?  If you’re new to list building, you may feel that you need a few good pointers to get you going in the right direction.  List building is essential to building a profitable, sustainable business that enjoys success for the long term.  Here are a few tips that will help make you an expert at building a list in no time.

Lacking in List Building Knowledge?


Find (or create) a great free giveaway offer

Most people want something to sign up to your list, and they aren’t going to sign up just because you invite them to do so.  In order to build your list quickly, give away something that your visitors will perceive as valuable, but make it tightly targeted to your niche.  This could be a free e-mail course, short report, e-book, or 7-day trial to your membership site.  People love getting something for free, especially when it offers them something they really need or want to know how to do.

Sign up with an e-mail marketing provider

You will need an auto-responder if you want to build a list quickly and easily.  Some of the best are Aweber and Get Response.  These programs are easy to set up and use, even if you aren’t technically inclined.

Set up a series of e-mail messages that your subscribers will receive once they fill in their name and e-mail address to get your special free giveaway.  These messages shouldn’t be too promotional and should be written in a friendly way that reveals a bit of your personality.  Talk about your niche and the problems many people are facing.  Offer a bit of advice, and always include a link to your sales page at least once in your messages.

Send traffic to your opt-in box or squeeze page

List building requires sending people to your offer so that you can get as many people to subscribe as possible.  Place your opt-in box on your website and blog pages.  Create a special squeeze page that allows people to do one thing: sign up.  Send people to your opt-in box through article marketing, blogging, social networking, forums, and any other way you can find to do it.

You can see that the process is fairly simple.  If you’re interested in list building but haven’t yet got started, take these tips and go with it!  You’ll never know what kind of results you can achieve until you try.

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