Keeping Your List While Listbuilding

That article is about Keeping Your List While Listbuilding. Once you get people on your list, you want to keep them.  Listbuilding continues over the course of several product promotions, and you want to keep the people that are already on your list interested in staying.  The beauty of a list is that it’s a resource that you can keep drawing from.  It only makes sense to keep them active and responsive.

Keeping Your List While Listbuilding


Provide Special Incentives for Your List

The first thing you need to know about keeping your list as a valuable resource is that you should give extra incentives to them to buy products that you have newly launched.  You can do this by providing bonus products and discounts above and beyond what you offer “outsiders.”

You may not always be able to provide discounts, such as in cases where you’re just an affiliate.  This is where offering bonus material comes in.  It’s best if this is niche-related material, either of your own creation or outsourced.

Provide Original Content in Newsletters

Newsletters are a staple in listbuilding.  You will want to keep your list updated with new, original content to keep their interest.  Again, this can either be your own material or it can be outsourced.

The essential idea is to make your list members feel like they’re in a special “insiders club.”  You’ve branded yourself as an expert in your niche.  By joining your list, the members expect to see the proverbial “proof in the pudding.”  By updating your list on the latest trends in your niche, you prove that you’re worth their interest.

With that said, you don’t want to overload your list with daily or hourly updates.  First of all, you can tend to run out of original material quickly this way.  If you’re rehashing the same newsletters within the first month, people will get bored.  Besides that, a lot of the people on your list won’t have the time to read all your messages and will get annoyed.  Weekly or monthly updates are the best compromise between being “in your face” and being aloof.

Build Your List with Teasers

While you’re delivering quality material and products to your list members, you should still build your list.  A great way to do this is to have teasers in your copy.  Don’t just say that you regularly deliver quality tips to members. Everyone says that and potential members expect it.

Instead, if you include a quote from one of your older newsletters and leave it as a sort of cliffhanger, people will want to come in and see the rest of the story.  Highlight your best content, say that it resolved a certain need, and leave an ellipse just before you would normally go on into HOW it fixed the problem.  Engage the viewer’s curiosity, and they will join your list.  Make sure that the link to your opt-in or the opt-in itself is the next thing they see.

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