Is List Building The One Thing You Haven’t Done Yet?

The article concerns the following question – Is List Building The One Thing You Haven’t Done Yet? List building is an essential aspect of successful marketing.  If list building is the one thing you aren’t yet doing, it’s time to get started. You’re losing money!  So many marketers put off building a list, mostly because it seems intimidating.  If this sounds like you, there’s no time like the present to go ahead and jump in.

Is List Building The One Thing You Haven’t Done Yet?


What’s so frightening about building a list?

Are you afraid you won’t know how to set up a capture page or opt-in box?  Afraid it will be too technical or that you won’t know what to say in the messages you send out to your subscribers?

There are dozens of reasons for not building a list, but none of them are valid enough to stop you from doing it.  If you ever plan to make a lucrative income online, list building is an absolute must.

Why does list building make you more money?

Building a list of targeted subscribers is like having money in the bank.  Think about it.  How many times does someone visit your website and spend money on their first visit?  Not often – and a huge percentage of people who do land on your site will be gone forever, never to return again.  This means you have lost the opportunity to build a relationship and market to these people.

When you have a list of targeted subscribers, you can send out a single e-mail and make hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars, depending upon the size of your list.  Even after a subscriber makes a purchase, you can promote related products indefinitely.

You can start building a list today

Getting started is easy. Just sign up with a reputable e-mail marketing provider, create or find a free giveaway offer that delivers value to those who sign up, and write six to eight messages for your auto-responder to get started.

Don’t know how to write effective e-mail marketing messages?  Study those that you receive from someone whose list you have signed up to, especially those messages you find interesting, the ones you can’t wait to open.  By watching how they do it, you will figure out a way to write your own.  Why re-invent the wheel when you can just do what the most successful marketers do?

You know list building is important.  Don’t put it off any longer!

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