Is It Worth Getting Traffic From Stumbleupon?

Is It Worth Getting Traffic From Stumbleupon? – The Pros and Cons.

Is It Worth Getting Traffic From Stumbleupon?

Should You Use Stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is among the top Social Bookmarking sites available on the Internet these days and Bloggers take it as serious option of getting traffic. Perhaps, that’s the reason it is getting popular and popular everyday. It’s founder just created it somehow in his leisure time and did not actually realized what he had done until he crossed half million mark of registered users. He latter sold it and then bought back after a little time. Since that day, Stumbleupon had the exposure of traffic and new members along with amazing popularity like never before which is raising as we speak.

But this system is so popular and affective doesn’t mean that it has no harms and negative affects on your blogs and webs. Now you must be thinking how it can be harmful ? I was same like you a little time ago when I realized that Stumbleupon was putting some negative affects on my blogs along with good traffic. So here I am, pointing out it’s harms and benefits and leaving the decision up to you if you wanna use it or not.


New ideas

Of course the biggest reason why Web Master and Bloggers are attracted to it is it’ ability to give them new ideas. New ideas about Blog posts ,Promotion and overall design. While using it, you get to see a lot of variations of post formatting, tone and blog design which can quite easily glow up something new and affective into your mind.

That’s the reason I found myself sitting in front of my PC till the late hours of the night. If you are stuck into Blogger’s Block, it’s for you. If you want an inspiration of writing into a different style of giving your blog a new design , it is still for you.

Free Traffic

What you actually need to do to get traffic from Stumbleupon ? Only submitting your link and that’s it. It’s absolutely no hard work to get hits from Stubleupon and the traffic coming from there is absolutely free. You make connections, share others content if you wish, submit your link, sit back and enjoy the free traffic.

Link Building

Since the most of Stumbleupon community are Bloggers and Webmasters and they stumble around to get new ideas, there are wide chances that they would link back to you if they loved your content . Not only that , submitting you link only also guarantees one backlink to your blog. That makes you enjoy the free traffic and Seo Promotion at the same time. Then why not you are gonna love it?

Connection Building

Stumbleupon is build of serious people. Don’t get me wrong , by serious I mean people who are serious about Blogging and Online Marketing . Hence building connection should be one of you primary goals . If you get it done the right way, you problems are solved. Because the more active you get in there, the more you are gonna get back. And having a good relationship with a better Blogger is definitely going to take you to a better place.

Getting Noticed

Not only you get new ideas , Free traffic, Backlinks and new friends, you also become popular. People start noticing you and look at you with trust and hear what you have to say. This increases the subscribers rate, loyal readers , activeness of your blog and of course the money coming out from all of this.


When we get to combine the list of all of it’s harms, it can go pretty long . However, I’m just about to cover the basic points only. The points that everyone can observe and feel. Here we go, the problems of using Stumbleupon.

High Bounce Rate

The first and most important thing that you need to consider before putting you efforts into Stumbleupon is the awareness that it can increase your bounce rate up to 95%. Because stumblers have the bad habit of just looking at the page and moving away.

They don’t read articles and reviews. They sit there to see something new. Something that inspires them to write , design or do similar things or to have some fun. That’s why when we see the things going viral , those are mostly short articles, photos and videos.

No Targeted Traffic

There is no doubt about it. There is no option in stumbleupon where you read the title of article and then click if you want to read or skip otherwise. You are simply taken to the pages that are filled under the interests area that you have choosen. That’s why whenever you see a page that is not of your type at all, you stumble to the next one as quickly as possible .

Am I right ? So now think the same about those who have no interest in the topic that you have covered but they might be interested in the overall niche. Hence traffic is not targeted and when it happens, you get no clicks at all on your ads because ads are relevant to the text on the page mostly.

No Conversions

Why in the world someone would take time to enter his name and password and subscribe to your blog when he has tons of articles on the same topic waiting for him and he knows that. Or why would he click when the ads on the page are according to your post? Or even if he does like your page, he  might have ads blocker installed on browser that won’t let your ads to even load because he is a stumbler.

So at the end of the day, you may generate some really handy page views but while looking into your Earnings or Subscribers dashboard, the numbers there would usually be same.


After looking into all of these things, I finally came to the point that it is worth getting traffic from stumbleupon but putting your hard work and efforts on the road of getting hits by Stubleupon can simply be a waste of time. You have better things to other than this. Just explore around and make as much connections with real tough Bloggers as much you can and that’s the bottom line because Saqib said so.

Up to You

It’s time for you to take action and decide what you want to do with your blog. Do you want the Page Views only or you would rather focus on making some money and real subscribers too ? Choice is yours. And also don’t forget to tell your friends about it by sharing this post and clear their misconceptions.

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