Is Getting Traffic to Your Website Your Biggest Problem?

The article concerns the question – Is Getting Traffic to Your Website Your Biggest Problem? Getting traffic to your website may seem like a monumental feat that is impossible to accomplish.  Look on any Internet marketing forum, and you will see that many of the questions that members ask are related to traffic generation.  Most marketers, especially those that are new, are looking for free ways to drive targeted visitors to their websites or blogs – and having little luck doing so.  This is a big problem for many, but if the traffic isn’t there, what’s the point?

Is Getting Traffic to Your Website Your Biggest Problem?


Easy tips for driving traffic to your site or blog

Getting traffic to your website does take time unless you opt to go for paid methods such as Pay-Per-Click.  If you are ever going to be a successful marketer, it’s essential that you learn some of the basic strategies for driving targeted visitors to your website.  Here are a few tips:

Write articles

By writing well-optimized articles, you can entice the reader to click through to your site or blog in the author resource box.  Your articles should be optimized for keywords and phrases specific to your site so that the search engines find them.  If you write an article that offers just enough information to make your reader more curious, they are likely to click through.


If you don’t already do so, blogging is a great way to send traffic to your site; many people have a blog and don’t have a website at all.  Since the content on a blog is updated on a frequent basis, search engines love them.  Make a list of the keywords and phrases you want to optimize your blog for, and write your posts around those keywords.  If you do have a website, link to it from your blog using keywords as anchor text.

Post on forums

Join a few forums that are related to the topic of your website or blog. Weight loss, health topics, affiliate marketing, sports, electronics – whatever your passion is, join forums where the discussions revolve around these topics.  Get to know the members, and offer helpful answers when you can.  You can build your authority, and most forums allow you to link to your site in your signature line.

Getting traffic to your website requires work and a little creativity

The mistake many new marketers make is thinking they can write two or three articles and be overwhelmed with traffic. It just won’t happen.  To gradually build traffic to your site over time, make it a part of your routine to write two or three articles every single day, and submit them to top article directories.

Create a great profile on Facebook and link to your website. Join the conversation and put yourself out there!  Comment on other people’s blogs. Make it your goal to learn about SEO strategies you can use to build your ranking with the search engines.

It’s easy to understand why online marketers get so frustrated; getting traffic to your website is not the easiest thing in the world to do, but you CAN do it!  Put in some work, use the tips above, and come up with your own creative ways to drive targeted traffic.  You will reap great rewards in the future!

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