Is Article Marketing still effective?

The article concerns the following question – Is Article Marketing still effective? Article marketing as a traditional form of marketing is broad encompassing different strategies, both offline and online.

Is Article Marketing still effective?

In this article am defining article marketing from a popular perspective, whereby I write my article and submit it to as many article directories as possible, aiming to gain as many backlinks and traffic from those sites.

How has article marketing evolved?

Looking at how online article marketing has been evolving over the years, I believe that from the very beginning, most of us have been abusing the concept of article marketing so as to suit our needs.

Most article directories were set up to connect the article authors with web publishers. The idea was that a publisher would come across your article, like it and then republish it on their website or whatever. That’s where the article marketer would gain the real exposure.

However, many article marketers started polluting these article directories with thousands of low quality keyword stuffed articles. Most using automated submission robots. It worked to some extent. That’s where most of us actually started from. I remember would just write articles and link to affiliate sales pages and then submit to as many directories as I could.

Google is not the biggest fan of article marketing

The main reasons we rush to article directories are always straight forward: 1) To gain backlinks from “authority sites”.  2) To gain traffic.  3) To gain exposure and build credibility.

Apparently, google has not been a great fan of article marketing. That’s why backlinks from article directories that accept low quality articles have continually lost their value in the face of google.

It’s completely understandable from google’s perspective. After all people were abusing its credibility and its search results quality.People were just publishing low quality articles on these directories to gain backlinks. With time, most of these article directories have ended up with hundreds of thousands of poor quality articles. When was the last time you visited an article directory when doing research for your project?

Will backlinks from article directories really improve your page rank?Be careful the next time you come up with your next backlink strategy.

How is the traffic?

Let’s look at the traffic in terms of quantity against quality. Most people turn to article directories so as to leverage the large amounts of traffic they normally receive.The quality of traffic is very important when it comes to any online business. If your goal for article marketing is to gain traffic then you really need to focus on gaining quality traffic.

You don’t want to spend all those hours only to come up with traffic that only increases your pages’ bounce rate. Traffic from article directories, if you’ll gain that much, is really far from being described as high quality.

How about the exposure?

If implemented correctly along with other strategies, article marketing can help expose you to different horizons. But again, how you implement it really matters. You also need to ask yourself if there are other more effective channels you could use to expose yourself. I personally believe that one really needs to prioritize where they expose themselves to.

So, what next for article marketing?

Article marketing done in the proper way will prevail. That’s why guest blogging has really taken off in the recent past. Guest blogging represents the basic principles of what article marketing was really meant to be. Most importantly, the author of the article gets a say as to which blogs he/she wants an article to feature.Unlike the other methods where you speculatively submit to hundreds of article directories-most of which don’t even belong to your niche.

On the other hand, the owner of the blog only accepts high quality articles.Google certainly regards backlinks from high ranking blogs from the same niche important than thousand of backlinks from low quality websites.

Guest blogging also forces us to create high quality content that is beneficial to all.

So, which article marketing strategies are you using?

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