Is Affiliate Marketing and Multi-level Marketing The Same?

The article concerns the question – Is Affiliate Marketing and Multi-level Marketing The Same? Over the past decade or so people have compared affiliate marketing to multi-level marketing. They tend to believe both strategies are one and the same. Yes, both get people to buy and use a product or service. Yes, both pay those people commissions per each sale. And that’s where the similarities stop!

Is Affiliate Marketing and Multi-level Marketing The Same


I’ve been involved with both affiliate and multi-level marketing.

I can tell you they are totally different. Where an affiliate is promoting products or services via a website to collect commissions, a true multi-level marketer is not only selling products or services and collecting commissions, but also building a down-line organization duplicating a system set up by the MLM company.

And I can honestly say there is no true MLM company selling products strictly on the internet. The reason I say this is because nobody has yet to structure their online businesses in a way that rewards their marketers for down-line success through duplication. If there is please let know because I would be interested seeing this company.

Multi-level marketing works best offline.

How can you argue that fact. MLM got it’s beginning in the direct sales industry aka door to door salesmen. And you know who two of the top companies are who are still using MLM to move their product lines. You got it – AMWAY and AVON.

Both these companies have always used distributors to move their products. And those distributors who have put forth the effort have been rewarded. They have sold products and built a solid down-line. and it was done through direct sales. The only way true multi-level marketing could work online is if a major company such as Lowes or Sears etc. structured their affiliate programs in a MLM system. Just my opinion.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand is like free-lancing!

We choose a product or a service that we wanna promote on our website and write about what we promote to get sales. It’s an online marketing strategy that works great for the internet. Depending on the product or service you can either make a one time sale or a sale that pays monthly (my kind of sale)

Plus, affiliates don’t need hundreds of products to try and sell. Advertise 2-5 and your good to go. And affiliates don’t have to buy the products that they promote. But there are those occasions such as mine and others where we do pay for a product that we promote. More likely than not it’s training sites.

All you have to do is look around on this site and the only two products I promote is Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. As time goes by you’ll see other products on here also but they will be temporary.

So as you can see there is some difference in affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing. Pick which form of sales you like. But the only warning I’m going to say is if you decide to try a MLM online business? Be very leery of what they offer.

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