Internet Management Degrees

That article is about Internet Management Degrees. MBA-the golden word which guarantees a lifetime of fat pay cheques, excellent perks, a lavish lifestyle and a status and name for oneself in the society. As the global corporate world is minting money everyday, people working for these corporate giants are also enjoying a lot of attention and benefits.

Internet Management Degrees

When the stock market figures soar high, companies makes huge profits, their share prices increase, shareholders make money too and a country’s overall economic development reaches some stellar milestones, then everybody working directly and indirectly under these companies find much reason to rejoice. Firstly, a company making huge profits implies that they stand to make promotions pretty soon, secondly there is job security guaranteed and thirdly their position and status in the society get heightened.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that there is an increasing demand for managers with necessary management and interpersonal skills with an aptitude for taking decisions, several financial analyses, working long hours and deliver excellent work at the end of the day. An MBA degree gives you an edge over other competitors in this rat race and a boost to your career too. You can reach the upper wrung of the ladder of success very quickly if you opt for one.

There are several management programs available around us. Some are taught in reputed institutes which conduct their own admission tests and often demand exorbitant fees. Sometimes owing to several reasons, many people cannot crack the test; or they cannot afford to pay the fees. Many of them, especially working professionals and those with family and other commitments find it difficult or impossible to adjust to the rigorous schedules of b-schools.

The power of the internet as we all know, knows no bounds. Organizations came up with a solution to this problem in the form of online management degree courses. These courses are conducted by famous and accredited schools by the faculty having years and years of experience and are also tech-savvy enough to conduct classes via the internet. MBA via correspondence has always been very popular but now people are hooked to these online degree programs offering courses in all possible majors.

Be it finance, or marketing, or HR, or operations or sales, or systems, whatever it is you want to pursue a career in, you can always opt for the course of your liking. The prices are affordable, the timings are very flexible and you can receive your study materials almost instantly. Internet courses allow for more interactions with professors and other students and greater clarification of confusion. You can also study at a time which suits you and carry out your other chores. These courses are well-respected and accepted in most reputed business concerns too.

But the critics of online courses have claimed that they do not hold the same kind of values as a program in a traditional b-school. The kind of knowledge that classroom teaching imparts, the experience that case studies, regular tests, monitoring and mentoring, internships and other on campus activities offer are not found in online courses. They feel that online courses can get people a medium-scale job but will not give guarantees of job security and promotions.

Despite stiff opposition, online management courses are here to stay.

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