In Sales? Get More, Qualified Leads Using A Blog

Are you In Sales? Get More, Qualified Leads Using A Blog. At first glance, this blog would indicate that the content is targeted towards small businesses, the same discussions and strategies on this blog are applicable to individuals in sales. This blog tends to focus on encouraging small businesses to produce corporate blogs to gain more customers and increase sales, but what about an individual in a large company’s sales force? If your company allows you, you can accomplish the same thing by creating your own blog to attract new leads for you and thus, also your company.

In Sales? Get More, Qualified Leads Using A Blog

The rise of the internet created an entire new marketplace for companies and individuals to sell products and service. The rise in web 2.0 technology, namely blogging, has helped to level the playing field so individuals and small companies can now command strong audiences and higher quality traffic. Are you taking advantage of this new playing field?

Because of blog technology, it is easy to sell your product or service directly through your own channel. Programmers who write about development on their blog sell their own applications through their blog. Artists sell their own artwork through their blog. The examples extend to any and every industry.

Why sell through your own blog? Because your blog readers and visitors are the highest qualified leads for you to sell to.

If you are an industry expert, why not create a blog about your industry or market? Maybe you have particular insight into a niche part of the industry. Leverage existing and proven blogging technology and provide content to the people who are interested in your product. The key is to provide strong, quality content. Your content will attract visitors. These visitors are a new batch of potential customers!

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