Ideal Landing Page Design

Ideal Landing Page Design – Design to Convert. As a web marketer, you must have often been harrowed by poorly performing landing pages. Designing the ideal landing page though simple, is repeatedly overlooked. A landing page is the entry point for your visitors and it is important that your visitors start on the right note.

Ideal Landing Page Design


Landing Page Design Tips – Lets Rock!

The Internet is flooded with tons of websites. Internet browsers have very short attention span and are extremely impatient. According to a study by InfluxInsights, the average Internet user in the US spends just 56 seconds on a web page. That’s not even a minute!

Capturing user attention in such a short span and urging them to take the desired action can be a great challenge. Given below are some key tips that will help you to create the ideal landing page design:

Compelling Design

The ideal landing page design must be extremely engaging and compelling. Every aspect, be it the design, the content, graphics, animation and videos used must be such that visitors get maximum information in a creative and riveting manner. The design should be such that users do not get any reason to divert attention and move on.

Keyword/Ad Relevancy

  This is mainly for PPC or SEO landing pages. Even today, a large number of web marketers make this mistake of dumping their users on the home page for most of the keywords. What a pity! The smart way of working for this is to deep-link your pages.  For e.g. If you have a designer apparel website, catering to men and women, the keyword “Guess women dresses” must lead to the particular product category. Landing anywhere else will be an absolute sin!

Attractive Graphics

One of the easiest ways to capture and retain visitor attention is using bold and aesthetic images/banners/animation to put your message across. However, for an ideal landing page design make sure that the graphics used are relevant and complement the overall theme and layout of the website.


Having crisp, concise and grammatically correct copy is an absolute MUST for an ideal landing page design. Use of bold and catchy headlines and subheadings is also extremely vital. If your landing page has grammatical errors then God save you.

Clear Call to Action

Your landing page must have atleast one clear call to action. If it is a standalone landing page then visitors will complete the purchase/signup/registration process on the landing page itself. If the landing page is linked to the website, then visitors must be directed to the conversion funnel with a clear call to action.

Adding Videos

Embedding videos in landing pages is a great idea for an ideal landing page design. Landing pages with videos can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. So, if you are planning to add a video on your landing page, go ahead!

Social Media Landing Pages

Social media landing pages are different from normal PPC or SEO landing pages. The ideal landing page design for social media is to focus on adding interesting content, blog posts, useful resources and latest happenings. Remember, social media pages should be design not to convert visitors but to make them active promoters. You want to target maximum ‘Shares’ and ‘Followers’.

It is essential to keep a track of your landing page, check bounce rate and conversion rates. To get the ideal landing page design you can rely on A/B or multivariate testing as well as effective landing page optimization.

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