HTML Basics Tutorial For Article Marketers

In this article I’ll tell you about HTML Basics Tutorial For Article Marketers. I have realized that not all of you are familiar with html. However everyone who is doing article marketing needs some basic knowledge of html to write good resource boxes for their articles. This is why I am now adding to my article marketing tips this quick html basics tutorial for beginners.

HTML Basics Tutorial For Article Marketers

First, if you don’t know any html, don’t worry because you only need to invest 15 minutes of your time to learn the basics.

Why do you need to learn html?

Two reasons: first, you want to be able to write resource boxes with anchor text (and not the plain text URL). And then, you want to put some formatting in your articles, as doing this will get you more readers and can increase click-thrus to your website.

Let’s dive in.


HTML Basics Tutorial: Your Article’s Resource Box

– This code will put a URL with anchor text in your resource box:
<a href=” page-you want-to-rank”>your target keyword</a>

– If you want to hyperlink your domain, use this:
<a href=””></a>

– If you are putting a link on your website to an affiliate offer, you’ll want to make your link nofollow. Use this:
<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>your target keyword</a>

Tip: do NOT write these html codes in MS Word, use Notepad instead. Otherwise your links will probably not work because of MS Word formatting.

HTML Basics Tutorial: Your Article’s Body

– How to make a sub-title or an important word bold:
<b>your title or word here</b>

You can also use: <strong> your title or word here</strong> but most article directories only allow the <b> </b> tags above.

– How to make a word italics:
<i>your title or word here</i>

– How to make a word underlined:
<u>your title or word here</u>

– How to make a bullet point list:
<li>First bullet</li>
<li>Second bullet</li>
<li>Third bullet</li>
ul stands for unordered list.

– How to make a numbered list:
<li>First bullet</li>
<li>Second bullet</li>
<li>Third bullet</li>
ol stands for ordered list.

That’s it folks.

I suggest you use this html tutorial for beginners the following way. If you write quality articles on a high traffic site (get your free report by opting in up right on this page), take one extra minute to format your article properly by bolding paragraph titles or formatting your bullet points.

I guarantee you that doing this will attract more readers. This is because people tend to not read an article that appears as a single block of text, but are much more prone to reading an article when they can see there is a structure, and they instantly have the impression that this will be an easy read.

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