How to Write SEO Articles Fast

The article gives some basic information on How to Write SEO Articles Fast. For both freelance writing and content marketing, there is no resource more valuable than time. Success is often determined by productivity. Whether under a tight client deadline or wanting to outpace competition in niche, mastering the art of writing articles fast will only strengthen your bottom line.

How to Write SEO Articles Fast

SEO article writing is viewed as a cumbersome task by many. This is mostly due to a lack of preparation and organization. You don’t have to be a gifted writer to produce high quality content quickly. Follow the advice below and watch your productivity and profits increase tenfold.

Define Your Topic and Keywords

Once you have chosen the topic of your article, selecting your keywords is the most important decision you have. These keywords will be the foundation of your article, but it’s important that they don’t seem out of place. SEO article writing use to be a breeze, a bunch of filler content stuffed around keywords was all it took to draw the attention of search engine spiders. Times have changed, however, and with every algorithm update the quality standards of major search engines dramatically increase.

Along with your main keywords, grab a thesaurus and pick several terms that relate to your topic and keywords. For example, if you were writing an article on saving money, you would write down as many relevant words as you can, such as “budgeting”, “cost efficient”, “cheap” and “spending less”. This will help AdSense and related services display relevant ads, and also can get you ranked for topic related terms aside from the keywords you chose.

Gather Your Research

With your internet browser and word processor open, research your article subject and gather as many useful clips from multiple sources as possible. This document should be organized as an outline for your article. For every bullet point, include at least 3 useful clips of information. This makes research much more efficient and proves invaluable as a time saver. This is for research purposes only. Never attempt to simply re-word the content of others. Writing SEO articles fast does not mean you steal from others. Plagiarism will not only get you punished by search engines, it’s also illegal. The research phase is all about getting a feel for your article, assessing the good information from the bad.

Data Dump

After thoroughly researching your subject, now is the time to do the majority of your writing. The most difficult part about article writing is maintaining focus. Turn off all distractions and fully devote yourself to quickly typing article content. For each bullet point, spend five minutes doing nothing but writing. Do not waste any time on proofreading or editing at this point. Nothing kills writing time more than editing while you go. If red marks drive you mad, it’s best to turn off spell check. The goal here is to simply write as quickly as possible.

With the research fresh in your mind, let your fingers take over and type as much useful information as you can. Resist reading as you go, just let it flow from your mind. Training yourself to separate writing and editing is essential to writing SEO articles fast.

Proofread and Edit

This is the phase that truly makes an article shine. Professional editors are paid very well, sometimes even more than writers. Skilled editing can determine whether an SEO article is mediocre or outstanding. This phase deserves the most attention and will demand the most time. Take a 15 minute break before proofreading so that you can view the content with fresh eyes. Main areas of concern are grammar and spelling, but also ensure the piece has a nice flow and doesn’t use any words out of context.

To be on the safe side, you should always run your content through a program such as Copyscape. This prevents any accidental duplication, especially with popular subjects. Writing an SEO article should take no more than 90 minutes. After a little practice, that time should be cut in half. Using the process above, one can easily complete a piece within 30 minutes.

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