How to use your blog post images for seo

The article gives some basic information on How to use your blog post images for seo. Hello friends, Role of images in a blog post is vitial to make our post attractive and charming .Images attract readers towards your content and compel them to read full post with out annoying. Now the question is , “image used in post only attract visitors”, “is there any other reason to use them in our blog”. Answer is yes, we can use images for seo purpose by optimising them .We can optmise our blog post during uploading and the good thing is ‘optimising phenomena will not take up to 5 minutes.

How to use your blog post images for seo

It’s a real fact that  we can get tons of traffic from images that we upload in our site .Earn visitor’s by optimising your blog post images . .So let us start the topic “How to use your blog post images for seo.”

File name

Fist thing that we consider that is to give proper file name to images like if you are going to  upload a baby image ,do not give  name look like as imgoo12.jpg.This is the wrong method and meaning less.Proper file name should be Baby.jpg.


When we upload image in a wordpress blog then we have to fill first of all title of the image.Title is used to describe images.We can use file name as a image title.But it is the right place to use keyword to get traffic from images.A proper 4-5 words title should be used.

Alt tag

Alt tag is a html attribute used in images to provide alternate text ,if the images are not displayed on webpages.Goggle crawlers does not read images ,they read only text which are used to describe images.Images are useless with out using a proper alt tag in them.It is one of the prominant factor to optimise images for SEO.


A post description  should be given to know  ”what is image really about to” .We can use keyword in description to improve SEO of the image.


It is also a important factor to use post images for seo .Before uploading images ,we should resize them.Beacuse use of large images in blog leads to increase page load we must resize images by using  online image resize  tools.


Caption is takes place under the blog post images.We can give a good introduction of a post through caption. Adding  descriptive words in caption about post can  increase value of your image.

Relevant images

We must use images in our blog post relevant to content .It is the most noticeable factor ,Professional bloggers always use images that describe the purpose  of post  at first glance.

These were the 6 things which we must do if we want to use blog post images for seo. If  you  want to add something in this post that is forgotten by me or any mistake occurred in this post .Your most welcome at comment section.

Thanks for reading my post.

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