How To Use Google Keyword Tool To Determine A Good Niche

The article gives guidelines on How To Use Google Keyword Tool To Determine A Good Niche. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online.

How To Use Google Keyword Tool To Determine A Good Niche

It does not require you to have your own product or service to sell, but rather you earn commissions by selling or promoting other people’s products.

You can use a blog to market affiliate offers. You’ll find plenty of affiliate marketing networks out there to connect you with some good programs.

The first step to a successful affiliate marketing business is to determine a good profitable niche to market. This is very important and it’s what leads to many affiliate marketers failing.  Simply put, if no one is interested in what you’re selling, then you might just spend a whole century promoting it without success.

We can determine a good niche by looking at it’s profitability and the amount of competition in that niche.


Determine it’s profitability

Head over to Google Keyword tool. It’s a great free tool to help you determine the profitability of a niche. Enter  your  keyword  into  the  box  and  type  in  the  captcha  image  and  click  “Get  keyword  ideas”. This  will  display  the  total  amount  of  estimated  searches  done  the  previous  month.

A high amount of monthly searches shows that there’re a lot of people searching for that term. This shows that your niche is large and people are actually interested in what you want to offer.

Once  you’ve  searched,  at  the  top  right  of  the  table  you’ll  see  a  drop  down  menu  called “columns”. Click this menu and select “Approximate CPC”. A new column will be displayed showing the estimated average cost per click. This represents the amount  an  advertiser  typically  pays  for  each  click  on  their  advertisement  for  that  keyword.

Now,  take  the  overall  search  volume  and  multiply  it  by  the  “Approximate  CPC” to determine the approximate value of your niche. If, for example,  the search volume is 54,000 and the approximate CPC is $3.85, then the approximate value of the niche is $207,900. This is how much advertisers are willing to spend on that keyword.

Advertisers are spending money on that keyword because it’s profitable. They wouldn’t spend their money on something not profitable.

Determine the competition

The next step is to determine how much competition exists in that niche. The more the competition the more effort you’ll have to put into your marketing campaign.

Your competition here is the other websites that are also trying to rank for that keyword. You’ll need to determine the strengths of those websites. The strength of a website is usually based on it’s Google Page  Rank,  indexed  pages,  and  backlinks.

The higher the page rank of a website, the higher the probability of it showing in google’s search results.

Indexed pages are the number of pages stored in google’s database. A site with many indexed pages shows that it has a lot of content and it’s probably receiving a lot of traffic.

The backlinks to a website are very important here. A site with lots of high quality, relevant links has more authority in the eyes of google. Such a site will rank high in search engines.

A good tool to determine all this metrics is SEOQuake. This plugin will  display  these  measurements  underneath  your  Google  search  results.  Search a  few  keywords  relating  to  your  niche.

If  you  see  the  first  page  full  of  very  strong  websites,  then  you  know  that the  niche  is  very  competitive  and  it  will  take  a  lot  of  work  to  break  into  the  top  10  results.

If  you  see  a  page  full  of  weak  websites,  then  you  will  only  have  to  do  a  little  work  to  get  to  the  top  of  the  results  page.

You should however, not be scared of the competition. If you’re smart enough to put in the right effort, you’ll be able to make money even in the competitive niches. A niche with low competition is probably not profitable.

Remember, the more the competition, the more money there is in that niche.

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