How to Turn Your Blog into a Book

The article gives some information on How to Turn Your Blog into a Book. When your blog is full of great posts that engage readers, the next step is to turn it into a book that can be used as another revenue stream and another way to market yourself. Following the traditional way to get a book published, you can pitch your blog to an agent who can help get you signed to a publishing contract. However, there are newer ways to get a blog-inspired book on the market. These methods take less time and leave you in complete creative control of your work.

How to Turn Your Blog into a Book


Online Self-Publishing for Print Books

You can buy everything you need to print your own book online. There are a number of print-on-demand companies that allow writers to upload a book and to sell it through the site without an initial monetary investment. When the book is ordered, it is printed and shipped, but there is no standing inventory of books that requires an investment. With this model, any blogger can create a book, sell it on a popular website with built-in traffic and do it all for free. Sites that print books on demand include, and

Alternatively, if you just want to rattle off a few copies yourself to see what the reaction is like, you can buy paper and printer toner online for a reasonable price, allowing you to make some copies in your own home. However, although this provides you with the chance to distribute a few copies to close friends, it isn’t really a viable option for those who wish to distribute on a grand scale.

Online Self-Publishing for Ebooks

If you have a short book, one that will change its content often or you simply want to price it as low as possible to attract sales, you can self-publish an ebook version of your blog. There are dozens of sites that offer free ebook publishing, hosting the ebook and selling it directly to customers in exchange for a percentage of the sales price.,, and are popular sites for ebook publishing, and all allow you to publish the ebook directly to a popular site such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. With this option, you can update your book quickly by uploading a new version of your ebook as your blog content grows.

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