How To Start Blogging Successfully

The article gives guidelines on How To Start Blogging Successfully.

How To Start Blogging Successfully


Promoting your blog

How you promote your blog defines how your blog will grow. Unlike what you may imagine, blog promotion starts with the content on that very blog.

Before you reach out to readers ensure that you have filled your blog with quality content. Content that engages them and solves their problems. If people find your blog useful, they’ll promote it for you.

That’s the best strategy.

Engage other blogs in your niche by reading them and leaving comments. You’ll benefit by getting traffic to your own blog. The blog owners will reciprocate by also visiting your blog and commenting. That’s how your blog will grow!

Use social media to promote your blog. It’s one of the greatest tools available to promoters. You get the chance to promote your blog to an audience of millions of people. Start by drawing up a solid strategy first. Social media is dangerous if not handled well.

Start with the major platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or Google plus. They’re the massive ones out there. Later when you’re a pro, you’ll dig deep into the other ones.

Also, make it easier for your visitors to share your content by placing social media sharing buttons in your blog. WordPress has many plugins simplifying such tasks for you.

Promote your blog through link building. Links are the foundation of any online business. Incorporate that in your daily action plan and start building links steadily.

Don’t spam! Links will grow your authority in the eyes of search engines and your audience.

The key here is to let people know that your blog exists. That’s how you’ll also grow your brand.

Monitor your blog

When you start promoting your blog, people will start visiting your blog. That’s the exciting part. People are taking notice. That’s where it becomes important to monitor your blog.

You want to know what people are doing on your site, how long they’re staying on your blog, where they’re coming from, and such information. This will help you know what to improve on.

You’ll also notice that many people who are visiting your blog are not leaving comments. That’s normal since many people are only interested in what you offer. They’ll only read your blog and enjoy! They don’t have much time to leave comments.

There’re many tools out there to help you monitor your blog such as google analytics or stat counter. These will give you plenty of data about your blog. For google analytics, the analytics plugin makes it easy for you to insert the code on your blog.

Know your audience

The next step to successful blogging is getting to know your audience and defining them. This will help you produce content that satisfies their needs. That’s the secret that top bloggers use to hook readers to their blogs.

Interact with your visitors through the comments they leave on your blog. Answer their questions and respond to their emails.

Many people won’t leave comments but will instead prefer to contact you with queries. So, make sure it’s easier for people to contact you. The point is to engage them through the different channels available.

Think about what kind of people are visiting your blog. Their age; Are they senior citizens or teens? That will help you present information that is suited to a certain group.

How much disposable income do you think they have? That might just determine how you monetize your blog. Their gender, geography, etc. This is information that will enable you really understand your audience.

Social media is also a superb way to learn about your audience. After you understand your traffic you can easily laser target them with content that fits them. That’s because you are able to better understand their problems.

Leverage your traffic

After you grow your blog and it’s attracting good traffic, you can then leverage that traffic.

In any online business, traffic is the most crucial factor. The type of traffic you attract to your blog will determine how viable your blog is as business.

You can leverage your traffic in different ways depending on the goals you set at the beginning. That means you can use your blog to grow a subscriber list, monetize it with ads, grow a community or following or expand your client base.

Following these steps should make your blogging adventure more successful. It is however important to realize that building a profitable blog or any online business isn’t an overnight venture or any simple task for that matter.

It requires lots of hard work and commitment. More times than not, you’ll encounter frustrations and if you’re not disciplined, you’ll end up giving up. So it’s important to have a step by step plan of action that leads you to the goals you’ve set for your blog.

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