How To Sell On Amazon

The article gives guidelines on How To Sell On Amazon. Starting a new business on Amazon or expanding your current one is a positive move in the present time. Amazons’ dominance in the retail market is growing to an all-time high with no sight of slowing down. The search engines love Amazons’ website layout with multiple sellers under one product they have overcome the problems with eBays over populated search and drop in search engine traffic.

How To Sell On Amazon

Needless to say more traffic means more sales for Amazon and for Amazons’ seller central program. At the time of writing I have completed over 50,000 sales on Amazon with over 7000 positive feedback. As soon as I started using Amazon the sales flooded in and there was no looking back.

Listing on Amazon is more detailed and complicated than on eBay products in most categories products require a UPC or EAN barcode. For sellers this can be a bit of a nightmare situation as businesses tends to list products that they may not have in stock especially when starting up. This then leads to either acquiring the barcodes from manufacturers or purchasing your own.

Barcodes can be purchased from several locations and a yearly subscription can be taken at gs1. It is important to be careful when using the “sell yours” button on Amazon as you may find yourself getting into trouble for intellectual property violations. It is advised that if you do not have a barcode purchased or acquired then you do not list that product.

Amazon seller central is becoming a very competitive market with sellers being added to the mix every day. It becomes hard to compete when all sellers fall under the same tree. If you do not have the best price then you do not get the front page “buy box” which picks up a high percentage of sales. This means sellers are even keener to drop their profit to get that front page exposure regardless of profit margins.

I noticed early on those sellers who do not register at first hand as a pro merchant and upgrade from basic to pro merchant accounts rarely get that front page “buy box”. For some unknown reason the back end is also different when upgrading and the backend interface remains in the basic style. Always start on Amazon with a pro merchant account from the start and this will aid you progress from the outgoing.

It is important to protect your listings on Amazon when you have created a totally new product with your own barcodes. If you have combined two items that are not normally together then you have control over that creation on Amazon and can stop other sellers from jumping on your listings. In the same way this is why businesses have to be careful not to use that “sell yours here” button on Amazon, without ensuring the product exists or having the correct barcode. Amazon will suspend sellers for 30 days regardless of stature or feedback if you receive 3 infringements within 30 days.

Amazon customers are at times impossible to keep happy. When you are using a platform from one of the best outlets invented in terms of stock, speed of delivery and customer service you have a lot to live up to. Believe it or not many buyers do not realise that there are businesses separate to Amazon, selling on Amazon.

My advice for keeping customers happy is to ensure that items are dispatched as quickly as possible in the condition stated and respond to emails quickly, even over the weekend. To keep positive feedback to a high I suggest contacting customers when negative comments have been left and rectifying the issue.  I also keep an eye out for feedback that reviews a product instead of the sellers’ performance. If these are less than a score of 4 then I contact Amazon and they normally, without fail, remove the product review.

Any retail outlet will benefit from using Amazon seller central. They also run a program called “Fulfilment by Amazon” which can save you time and increase sales. If you have a high selling product you can send these to Amazons fulfilment centre and they will send out your orders and provide you with the profit, minus a small fee. Their fees at times work out better than your shipment cost because Amazon has amazing delivery contracts so the service is well worth exploring.

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