How to Sell More Ad Space on Your Blog

The article gives guidelines on How to Sell More Ad Space on Your Blog. It is pretty amazing how much of a difference website advertising can have, of course you have to think about certain factors.

How to Sell More Ad Space on Your Blog

It isn’t that hard to set up your blog so that you can run advertising for third parties. Finding clients to work with is actually much harder. The more traffic and reputation you have will make it easier. Even if you are toeing the line for minimum requirements, with consistent marketing effort it can be done. This is why you need to work hard to become more knowledgeable about what might be best for your business. There are a few tricky areas where you can make mistakes that send the wrong signals. So you simply need to take your time and learn what you need to know before you get started.

Thinking about advertising means thinking about business leads. You can rent email lists and market your ad space to other small businesses. Careful planning is a requirement whenever you want to reach a wider audience. To begin, write down a list of the markets that might possibly find your site intriguing. It is important that these markets relate to your own so that your audience will be a good target.

Shop around so that you can find the best pricing on email list rentals. It’s important to make sure that your ROI is good enough–this matters just as much as finding good leads. Even if you only manage to break even, your efforts will have expanded your network and built your business. Potential advertisers should choose you because you offer them more through your site. Obviously this is optional and you don’t want to get too distracted. In this moment we’re telling you to offer your advertisers some content space.

Ask them if they’d like to submit some form of presales copy in the way of a product or service review. If they have social proof, you can offer to publish it near their ads. Space immediately surrounding the ad is most likely going to be an issue but it isn’t that hard to build links to the content that is specifically created for their ads. Once you’ve got some processes in place this probably won’t even take all that much time. Presale copy is really powerful if it is written well and that’s why there is potential in this method.

The sad truth is that most websites haven’t positioned themselves properly for selling advertising space. First you need to have a few things already happening for you. Of course all potential advertisers will want to know how much traffic you get. How much traffic is the mean cut-off is hard to say. But there is one sure thing: the more targeted traffic you’ve got, the more money you can get for ad space. How much value you have will go up if you can point to outside sites mentioning your web presence. It is important to create a page that talks about your site ad space because this is something that needs to be sold.

In order to truly be ready to sell advertising, you need to set up an infrastructure as well as processes that will help you with the selling. You’ll be able to help yourself even further by telling a few businesses what your plans are ahead of time. This will help you line up a few prospects in advance which means you can profit from the get go.

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