How to Optimize a News Release With Video

The article gives guidelines on How to Optimize a News Release With Video. In today’s day and age, readership means viewership, so getting a video into your press release is a huge advantage for you. Around 52% of viewers who are exposed to an online video ad take some form of action, whether it’s clicking a link or visiting a website.

How to Optimize a News Release With Video

This figure is considerably higher than ads onweb pages which contain no video. Because video is very action orientated, it has an impact on your viewer far beyond what text only ads can offer. More and more websites today are incorporating video into their advertising schemes, because it has such a higher rate of conversion. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be aboard this bandwagon as well.

If you’re planning on making a press release, you should consider adding a video in with your release. Not only will people stay on the target site longer to watch your video, but it’s proven that users who watch videos are more likely to take action. Users who watch your video will be more inclined to read the text you’ve supplied them with and as such, they’ll probably want to visit your website for more information.

There are lots of firms which can help you in making a video for your press release, and many of these firms offer optimization for the text which will be included with the video. These firms link to your video which already appears on the most popular video-sharing sites, like YouTube, where you’ll be getting lots of organic views. This piggy backing provides you with an economical means to include video in your site, as bandwidth hogging video can be quite an issue for small hosts.

Of course, the viewing quality for your video might not be great on a third party site, so you’ll need to take this into consideration before deciding to create a video to accompany your press release. Because of the nature of video sites like YouTube,submitting your video there has double the intention. If your video is catchy and creative, it will have a viral effect and will be spread across the web to hundreds, perhaps even thousands of viewers, which means more sales for you.

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