How to make money with advertising on a blog

The article gives some basic information on How to make money with advertising on a blog. The most common way to monetize a blog is offering advertising space through a banner. Here are some tips to make money with your blog.

How to make money with advertising on a blog


How to Get a blog sponsors

A blog with a number of visits (at least 1,000 daily) can be recouped in an interesting, and one of those ways is by selling advertising space to third parties, ie, make money selling banners.

Many people might be interested in putting a banner on your blog, but usually are other blogs on the same topic which we should seek to try to sell some banner and make money doing it. Theme related pages usually pay better.

If for example, your blog or page is travel, you can request a higher cost of banner to another travel blog and not one that deals with pets, since visitors will be more attracted to sites with similar themes.

“To win the most money possible, we recommend that you limit yourself to sell 6 or 8 medium or small banners, and you look good to customers.”

Much to charge for a banner on a blog

The price of the banners is very variable. While in markets such as Latin America not usually pay more than 5 or $ 6 a month for a normal banner blog over 2,000 visitors daily, in others such as northern Europe can pay double or triple.

Furthermore, also depends very much on the segment. There have been cases of private blogs or websites to which public authorities have contacted them offering up to 100 euros per month, on blogs with just 1,500 or 2,000 visitors a day.

To earn the most money possible, we recommend that you limit yourself to sell 6 or 8 medium or small banners, and that, if possible, look good to customers. A large company in the sector, as a network of blogs or online store, you will be willing to pay much more than a new blog. Although obviously be harder to reach and convince.

Is it safe to sell advertising on the Internet?

Like everything else, usually present problems when charging for a banner, and it may not pay you the money you need to rent advertising space on your website. Our advice is that once you have already several customers happy (remember you can rent banners for months, no matter whether they are indefinitely), start charging ahead to new customers who have no reference.

An announcement on your blog like “Advertise here” can attract potential bidders, but remember that usually do not have information about them, unless you leave some personal contact.

However, there are several forums buying and selling banners for your blog to earn money and to avoid scams, as they have scoring systems between treatment made by users. We note especially Forobeta online community.

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