How To Make Money Drop Shipping

In that article you will find some information on How To Make Money Drop Shipping. Starting an online business can become tasking and confusing for most especially, when they have to look for a niche.  People have spent months procrastinating just because they are yet to find niches to promote. Some have many interest and cannot decide which to start with and others cannot be bothered with writing and promoting one particle product. So what then is there for this group of people, is there no online business that they can do that is not so narrowed down………

How To Make Money Drop Shipping

Have you ever come across the word “Drop Shipping” and wonder what it is about? Or are you familiar with the word but not sure how it works? In this writeup, I am going to explain to you what drop shipping is and how to make money drop shipping.

What Is Drop Shipping  And How Does It Work

Drop Shipping is a business model vehicle that most people are now using to earn extra income. It  involves three different parties; the wholesaler, the retailer (You)  and the customer.

The retailer, acting as a middle man promotes  products to customers, takes order from customers, send these orders to the wholesaler and the wholesale then process and delivers the order to the customer. Drop shipping is operated as an offline business or an online business. It kind of looks like the usual retail business we are familiar with but the major difference is that the retailer in this case, will invest very little in terms of money, to start off.

 In drop shipping, the wholesaler company deals with pick ups, packaging and delivery and you never have to store any products, or even see any product.

It is important when starting a drop shipping business,  to find the right wholesaler, as the profits you make depend on the discount you get from selling the each product. With drop shipping, you have to be prepared to deal with customer service related problems like defective products, complaints, refunds, delay shipping and the likes. Be sure to look for wholesalers who are ready to take on the headache.

 What Drop Ship Products Can I sell and Who Can I Sell To?

Drop shipping allows you to pick whatever product catches you fancy and sell. You can sell just about any product you wish; computers, clothes, garden tools, households, body care products……… you name it. Just make sure you are aiming for products with high sale conversion. There is no limit to what you can sell.

With the internet, you can sell to just about anybody expecially since you are not responsible for delivery. Be aware of the places the wholesale companies deliver to and make it known to buyers. Direct them to products that can be delivered to them.

How Can I Make Money Drop Shipping?

To make money from drop shipping, wholesalers give products to you at a discounted price which you in turn sell to customers at retail price, the difference is what you make as profit.

People are making money daily drop shipping both online and offline, but because this website is about starting a business online, I will be discussing how you make money online drop shipping.

When using a drop shipper, you can sell on eBay, amazon, other auctions websites or even your own website where the attention is on your products alone.

Here are the steps you need to take to start earning from your online drop shipping business:

Get a computer with internet connection.
Research what product you want to sell. Hint: Look for profitable products.
Search for the wholesaler that can offer you this product(s) at the lowest rate and contact them.
Build an e-commerce website. Remember to set up payment facilities for collecting payment.
Fill up your website with the products along with the product image, product description, product specification, pricing, delivery details and of course, refund and exchange policies. All these information you can get from the wholesaler. Be sure to make you website user-friendly.

Promote your site to generate quality traffic so you can start earning.

Send customers orders and shipping details to wholesalers and ensure your customer gets their product on time.
Nurture and grow your business by promoting your website, make sure the information on it are up to date, let people know about available offers, and respond to questions and queries promptly.

If you would like to have a go at the drop shipping business, here are links to get you started.

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