How to get quality backlinks with this formula

The article gives some information on How to get quality backlinks with this formula. Most Internet marketers are struggling to get quality backlinks adequate and quantity. Getting backlinks is no longer a problem after reading this post, because you know how. This will give you three strategies articles very legitimate and powerful on how to build backlinks slow but steady. Let’s do it right and safe.

How to get quality backlinks with this formula


Comment on Blogs

This is by far one of the most popular strategies today. If you are familiar with comment on blogs know that there is no problem getting backlinks from various sources and in the right amount. Apart from this, it is better to leave a comment on a niche blog similar to yours, if you have a blog that talks about brochures, then it is advisable to leave a comment on any related prospectus.

Just go to and search for the following parameters: site: your keyword, site: your keyword, site: search term, “powered by WordPress” your keyword. This is how to find specific content in which you can leave a comment with the backlink to your blog.

By using the site: for example, Google filters all sites. By using the “keyword”, Google shows only pages that have content relevant to your keyword. You can leave a comment every day and increase the number each time. You can also search by keywords wider.

Article directories

This is very hot and super effective too. There are many ways to get backlinks. The first option is to write an article of 400 words or more and and submission to, or squidoo Hubpages. Do not send the same article to many sites. Each article has to be unique and at least 400 words to coincide with the guidelines of the article page. Some of them are,,, etc.

Now comes the important part, you will do this a few times each week. It is so important to do a lot at once, but if you do it continuously. Items do not have to be perfect, because not doing article marketing. We are looking for backlinks and quality backlinks.

Guest Blogs

This is the masterpiece of all the strategies that are available at this time. An article in a blog as a guest of a PR 5 may be worth hundreds, even thousands of comments on blogs or backlinks articles directories. This is a strategy that requires some effort at first, and to find other websites that allow you to write articles for them occasionally is difficult.

First, the site has to be relevant to your niche market and PR (1-10). The higher the page ranking, backlinks are more and more important. But how can you find these places? Go to and use the search parameter: “write for us” <keyword>

That’s all it takes to find these sites. With the “write for us”, Google will filter out all sites that have a category or a page created with the name “write for us”, which means that these sites usually allow up to 90% or more of its content ECHO by guest bloggers.

If you are in Internet marketing, search with online marketing, Internet marketing, etc. using the keyword. Then contact the administrator and ask if you can write a post for your site.

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