How to Get People To Follow You On Twitter

The article gives some basic information on How to Get People To Follow You On Twitter.  So, you have finally given in and opened a Twitter account and are now wondering exactly how to attract enough followers to bask in the insightful wisdom you have to impart with the world. After all, is there any point in having a Twitter account at all if no one is reading your tweets? Getting people to follow you on Twitter is not as difficult as you may think. Taking a few simple steps can make a real difference to the number of followers you attain, and ultimately keep.

How to Get People To Follow You On Twitter


Make Your Tweets Interesting

Tweeting maniacally about your boyfriend/girlfriend or what you ate that day really is not that interesting to anyone else, no matter how much enthusiasm you may have for the subject. People will not sign up to your account unless you have something to offer, it’s really as simple as that. Having something to offer can take the form of 3 things; information, interesting content and/or humour. If you take the route of informing people on a subject, provide relevant links or files within your tweets. Similarly, if you aim to provide interesting or original content, add links to other media relevant to this.

Follow People with Similar Interests

Whatever you are interested in, be it a type of music, film, art, food or even field of study, find others on Twitter who share this interest. The likelihood is that they will follow you in return. It also helps to incorporate your interests in your profile name in some way, so that you can be immediately and easily identified within the scope of whatever subject you’re interested in.

Add “Follow Me on Twitter” to Everything

If you have a Twitter account, you likely use other social media platforms like Facebook or blogging sites. Adding the option “Follow me on Twitter” to these platforms, including your e-mail account and website (if applicable), will make it much more likely that people will follow you. It also expands your online presence and integrates them in a way that allows them to work together in a reciprocal way.

Thank Your New Followers

If you do manage to garner an increased Twitter following, you want to keep them, so be sure to start off on a good footing by thanking each of them individually via a direct message. This acknowledgement will stand out to them, allow you to convey your appreciation, and it’s just plain polite!

Competition for Twitter followers is rife and people won’t just follow anyone with an active account. But by doing a little research and offering like-minded people something different, useful or funny, it is possible to eventually muster a respectable following. Also remember to tweet and re-tweet to appropriate posts as much as possible, as this in turn will also encourage followers.

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