How to get accepted to a CPA program

The article gives some basic information on How to get accepted to a CPA program. CPA offers are a lot easier to promote than a standard affiliate program for a product or service that pay commissions based on a sale. This is due to the fact that CPA offers mostly don’t require a purchase but just a lead which is pretty much a potential user’s contact and geographical details. The fact that it is easier money means that there are plenty of publishers beating on CPA networks’ doors. Thus approval is narrowed down based on considering several factors upon application.


Popular CPA networks include Neverblue, Hydra and Clickbooth and they all follow similar verification processes. Firstly they request a ton of personal information which may involve tax details depending on the network so if you are skeptical about providing your personal details online you can stop here.

Being from the US or at least in Canada, UK or Australia would give you an edge in the application process because most offers are demographically targeted to these regions and while the marketer’s location does not matter to promote offers to these countries, somehow the affiliate networks seem to think so. Another reason would be because most of the affiliate networks are based in these countries and they would be more lenient towards locals and telephone approval would go a lot smoother (and cheaper).

When you apply, you will need to have an established website to use in your application process to give the network a good impression. It is also recommended to use a custom domain for your contact email than a free service. Make sure you fill in all your details accurately, however some of the details like ‘how do you intend on promoting our advertisers’ and site traffic details maybe exaggerated if you feel the real scenario is not as high as your competition.

The next step would be the telephone approval, here if you are in the same country as the affiliate network wait for their call (unless they state otherwise), if you are an international resident however it is best you call them (even if they acknowledge that they would call you) as they usually have trouble reaching international phone numbers (for some reason). When making the call, be mindful of exactly what you have to say, the questions usually comprise of how you would promote their advertisers and stats about your website among personal detail verification depending on the network.

If you have followed the above points correctly you are on your way to becoming an affiliate of that network, good luck!

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