How to Drive Traffic to your Blog Without Google Search Engine

The article gives guidelines on How to Drive Traffic to your Blog Without Google Search Engine. I’m not feeling very good to say that every single Blogger is running behind Google and treating them like the only way to success. While it’s not. But due to this heavy trend towards Google, they are becoming strict and strict day by day. There was Panda and then Penguin and now something else like this would be rolled out to set Bloggers’s dreams on fire.  Which makes Bloggers like me and you think that what will happen next? Are we going to be victim somewhere ? and a lot more questions.

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog Without Google Search Engine

And the second thing..than may have brought you here is that you’re blog is new and is not indexed or have been de -indexed by Google but you still don’t want to quit and want to find other ways. In both conditions, this post is for you friends.. Continue reading…

Social Media

Social Media like (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon etc) is the best way to get traffic to any kind of Blog without waiting to be indexed or re-indexed by Google. The traffic that comes from these sources is highly targeted and gives higher conversions.

Social Media sites can give the floods of traffic in matter of moments and good thing is , this traffic can last for quite sometime. I know some guys who I saw getting traffic from Stumbleupon regularly for more than week. Hence focusing on Social Media will not only benefit you but can save you from one of the biggest tension that Bloggers have and that is the question “what if I get blacklisted or sand boxed by Google ?”.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting has countless benefits. It not only makes you popular and increases your credibility but also boosts your ranking. Another thing that it does is helping you get reasonable amount of traffic from those blogs where you posted.

However, the number of visits you get per post depends upon the popularity of Blog and how focused audience they have. So you not only get all these benefits, you also build amazing relationships with fellow Bloggers and find some great friends.


It gives you almost the same benefits as does Guest Posting but gives on a small scale. So in order to make your new, blacklisted or sand boxed Blog popular, commenting can play a vital role. But you would have to be wise when it comes to choosing the Blogs to comment upon.

Whatever, commenting is an absolutely easy and simple way to get some link backs and a handy traffic as well if your commenting style is different than everybody else out there.

Forum Marketing

Forums are for people to discuss and share their problems and experiences. Hence many people would have the problems in many things but you need to find those who are closely relative to your niche.

Then all you have to do is to help them out and keep the linkback to your own blog as signature in your Threads. This is the fastest way for me to get traffic than anything else.

Solo Ads

Let me explain what Solo Ads mean. You contact some popular Bloggers who have huge mailing lists and ask them to send your advertised mail to their list.

You get to write the whole mail and put as much links as you want to wherever. And to return the favor, you’ll have to pay some money to the list owner. That’s it. You did nothing and got real, potential and 100%targeted visitors within no time.


Who in the world doesn’t like the Free Products ? Of course every one wants. So if someone finds something of his interest in free that otherwise could have cost him some money, he’ll definitely go on to tell as many friends and relatives as he could.

Suppose you are got Premium Comment Luv, WordPress Theme or any other Plugin for free, then why won’ you tell your friends about it ? And when you do that , the person who gave you the product got what he wants. True Visitors.


Arranging some kind of odd contests can bring amazingly awesom results as well. For example arrange a contest where you ask people to send as much traffic as they can to your Blog and the person who sends the most gets the right to Advertise on your site for 1 month.

That would be cool. but be sure that someone may win the contest by sending Bots or Fake visitors. Make sure to get what you want to give others what they want.

Advertising or Paid Traffic

Both these methods are quite affective to get traffic to new Blogs or those that badly need some popularity and recognition. The only thing that you’d have to do is pay some bucks, sit back into your chair and see the things happening.


Usually, there are not many people who are actually trying to get traffic from Youtube because they basically don’t understand how is possible. But the truth is, there are many ways to get the traffic from Youtube which is without any competition , the largest Video sharing site of the world.

You can either create a complete Tutorial or a Trailer of your Blog post or comment on related videos or send the link your Youtube friends. Anything you do is going to benefit you and your Blog directly.

Let me know what do you think and how you see your future if Google is not there for you.

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