How To Do A Keyword Research For Beginners

The article gives some information on How To Do A Keyword Research For Beginners. Keyword plays a very important role in our online marketing business and knowing how to do a keyword research will go a long way in determining whether we make it or fail in our online businesses.

How To Do A Keyword Research For Beginners


 Why Do A Keyword Research?

In traditional businesses, market research plays a vital role for business success. In the case of online business, the market research is in form of keyword research. Before writing about or promoting a product or services, it is important to carry out a keyword research.

Keywords Research Tools

To carry out a keyword research successfully, one need to make use of some research tools. There are many tools used for this purpose but I will only list the ones I use.

  •  Google Search (Free)
  •  Google Adwords Keyword Tools (Free)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Keyword  Tool (Free for members)
  • (Paid)

What To Look For In A Keyword Research

When carrying out a keyword research, three important factors are considered before promoting or using the keyword.

  •  How many people are searching for the keyword monthly: This although not too important but vital as you do not want to promote a product or service that nobody wants.
  • How many website are competing for the keyword: It is important that you are not in a market that is very competitive, so look for keywords with less competition, 400 or less.
  • The Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): This for me, is very key. It gives you an insight into the quality of the chosen keyword and the only tool that helps me do this is Jaaxy.

  How To Research Keywords

The first step of the research is to start with a niche; let’s say “Birthday Gift”. It is important, especially for beginners, to narrow down their niche keyword to a very specific one so that they can target the exact group of people who want that very information.

As we know, when people are looking for information about a product or services, they go to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and type in their searches. We need to think like the searchers and type in words like people will normally do when they want information about something. In other words, get the Long Tail Keyword of our niche keyword. This process is easy with Google search engine, so even when you have no idea what long tail keyword to use, Google gives you suggestions as you type in your phases.

By typing in the niche keyword, Google gives a related drop down suggestions. This gives you an idea of long tail keywords that people have typed into the search engine relating to birthday gift.

From birthday gifts, we now have three new keywords:
birthday gifts for her
birthday gifts for him
birthday gifts for mom

We can then to work with any of these keywords or further narrow them down depending on which of them we decide to choose.

I think you get the idea…

Having done that, we go to the next stage of our keyword research and that is to find out if our chosen long tail keyword will be worth promoting.
Say we choose the keyword “birthday gifts for mom from son”, we need to find out how many other websites we will be competing against for the first page of Google.
For this step, I use Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool, Google search engine and Jaaxy.

The above is from Wealthy Affiliate. I get the information that 112 people search for the keyword per month. Clicking on “View Result” under “Competition” opens to a page in Google that tells you how many websites with that very keyword exist.

From the above, I get the information that there are 108 webpages with that exact keyword, which is great.

Before finally concluding on going ahead with the keyword, I check with Jaaxy.

The green light under KQI tell me it is a good keyword to use and with that I process.

Jaaxy alone can be used for all I have done using Google search and Wealthy Affiliate keyword tools and much more.

Be sure to carry out a good research before spending time and energy on any keyword. Do not assume that people are searching for a particular word, do the research.

There is an awesome video training one How to Find Keyword For A Website, enjoy.

Do post your questions and comments and I shall get back you to as soon as possible.

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