How To Benefit From Scrapers

The article gives guidelines on How To Benefit From Scrapers. One of the most annoying things about having a blog is dealing with all of the scrapers. It seems like every time something useful is developed, there’s always someone looking to take advantage of it. That means you’ll need to learn how to safeguard your lovely RSS feed to prevent it from being taken advantage of by these scrapers without you at least getting something useful out of the deal.

How To Benefit From Scrapers


Let’s start at the top: What is a scraper?

Well, scraper is the shorthand term for a screen scraper site. The goal of this type of site is to automatically extract information off of multiple websites and place it on one site. Now, this isn’t a bad thing if done properly like giving the credit to the author and providing a link back to the original content. However, when discussing scrapers, rarely do the individuals mean aggregating the content properly.

What most scrapers seem to do is automate the extraction of articles that are tagged with a certain keyword and simply drop all links to the original content. This can be done easily by a number of different utilities that pick through RSS feeds.

So how can you stop it?

Technically, you can’t. By having your information up on the web to read, anyone can do what these scrapers are doing. You could theoretically contact the hosting service and request that site be investigated for copyright infringement, but chances are it won’t get you anywhere.

You can, however, use scrapers to your advantage.

If you open up your feed-rss2.php file in the WP-INCLUDES folder, you can easily add the following line of code to automatically post your link within your RSS feed so that everyone who sees that scraped material will be see your sites link. This will also provide you with an additional linkback to your website, which is great for increasing your pagerank.

<p><a href="<?php the_guid(); ?>">Permalink + Comments</a></p>

It’s as simple as that!

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