How Important Is Your Email List?

The article concerns the following question – How Important Is Your Email List? In todays blog post I wanted to get across to you how important it is to build an email list. Maybe your new to this industry so when you hear people talking about brining in leads. That basically means building an email list and every time someone joins your email list that is classed as one lead. And leads turn into money.

How Important Is Your Email List

Ok so this is what you do…

To get leads and build your email list you need 4 things.

1. A website

2. A giveaway

3. Something to sell

4. Traffic

So first lets talk about what you can sell. Well as you know you can sell millions of things. I sell a business opportunity and help people make money online because thats what I’m good at but you could be selling apples and oranges for all I know? And if you really wanted to you could. However it would be wise to sell something you could make good money off and joining my business would be a smart move as you make $3,000 per sale.

You also need a website. I think that one is a bit obvious. You also need something to give away on your website in exchange for the website visitors name and email. This is called the giveaway and it needs to help the website visitor in someway. Take a look to the top right of this website and you will see I’m giving away my Traffic Action Plan which is a free video course that helps people get website traffic.

This helps the website visitor make more money online which is helping them. So its a win win. I get a lead and they get help and support from me. Can you see the mutual benefit both parties get? You need to do this on your website to start building your email list. Once you got all that setup you need website traffic. If you have not yet seen my Traffic Action Plan which will help with this then enter your name and email on this page to get it. See what I did right then? I’m building my email list.

And if you have just come to this page from the search engines and you have never seen me before that will be a very good lead for me. Not that I really need it. I get 1000+ leads everyday without this website. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video below…

Once you start building your email list you can send out emails to your list selling them your products and services. But should you just sell to them people on your email list? The answer to that is no. Its very important that you have a very good relationship with your email list so that your email list open your emails to read them. If you just constantly sell to your list you will make your email list mad and angry and the people on your list will start to see you as some sort of spammer.

I don’t need to tell you that this can be bad and it will lower your open rates when you do send out emails. My advice is to first give lots of value and help your email list out. So whatever it was that they wanted and signed up for try and give them lots of free helpful advice and only when you have done that sell something. As a rule I would say send one email out selling something for every 5 emails you send out giving free valuable information.

I hope this blog post was helpful. If you would like to know more information on how I got all them leads its all inside my free traffic action plan on this page.

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